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Juicy Slices of Testing

Juicy Slices of Testing

GR Testers discussion slides on different ways to classify testing.


Jace Browning

March 23, 2016

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  1. Juicy Slices of Testing Jace Browning

  2. Goals • Reach a common understanding of terminology • Share

    the diverse, often conflicting approaches to testing • Debate the balance of testing vs. experimentation
  3. Terminology

  4. Quality is value to some person. - Jerry Weinberg

  5. A bug is something that bugs somebody who matters. -

    James Bach
  6. Testing is an empirical, technical investigation conducted to provide stakeholders

    with information about the quality of a product. - Cem Kaner
  7. Disciplines

  8. Quality Assurance Quality Control

  9. Product Owner Developer Tester

  10. Production Alpha Beta

  11. Scopes

  12. System Function or Method Component

  13. End-to-End Testing Unit Testing Integration Testing

  14. Production Development Machines Staging / QA Environment

  15. Defects

  16. Functional Defects Code Defects Intention Defects

  17. Usability Security

  18. Approaches

  19. Black Box White Box

  20. State-based Testing Interaction-based Testing

  21. Test-driven Development Behavior-driven Development

  22. Exploratory Automated Scripted

  23. Goals

  24. Smoke Testing Sanity Testing

  25. Exploratory Testing Acceptance Testing Regression Testing

  26. Stress Testing Performance Testing Load Testing

  27. Metrics

  28. Feature Coverage Code Coverage Requirements Coverage

  29. Defect Counts?

  30. Summary • Who does the testing? • What do we

    test? • What are we looking for? • Which approaches are best suited for a product? • How can we measure our results?