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VoteAlign Pitch at Startup Weekend

Eff2cdaa8474520ed29ebc38031fab87?s=47 Jace Browning
January 19, 2014

VoteAlign Pitch at Startup Weekend

Slides from the presentation given by the VoteAlign team at StartupWeekend 2014 in Grand Rapids.



Jace Browning

January 19, 2014

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  1. Understanding who represents you. Jace Browning Bob Orchard Jorge Horcasitas

    Patrick Glaser Todd Drenth Julie Cowie Sandy Rikkers
  2. Mission Statement VoteAlign is an online community to elevate your

    understanding of who represents you. Join us at VoteAlign.org
  3. How many of your elected officials do you know? The

  4. Why don’t we know more about our representatives? The Market

  5. The Product

  6. The Product

  7. The Product

  8. How do we consume information? The Product

  9. Markets - Users • Low information & independent voters •

    Teachers and students • Politicos • Journalists The Business
  10. Markets - Stakeholders • Civic education groups • Foundations •

    Elected officials • Nonprofits • PACs The Business
  11. Civic Education • Knowing your elected officials • Issue &

    decision awareness • Teaching resource Civic Participation • Voter registration • Engagement channels Data Generation • Demographics • Voter concerns & feedback The Business Value Creation
  12. Competition • govtrack.us, opencongress.org • votesmart.org, capitolbells.com Disruptive advantages: •

    “One stop shop” • Education through engagement • Data generation The Business
  13. Next Steps • Build a user base • Register as

    a nonprofit 501(c)3 • Find partners The Business
  14. Join us at VoteAlign.org