Jerome Overview

Jerome Overview

A high-level overview of the basics of unproject Jerome at the University of Lincoln.


Nick Jackson

August 04, 2010


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    WHAT WE’RE DOING • Building a new storage system for

    catalogue data. • Providing new faster search tools for the catalogue. • Opening access to the data stored within the library. • Starting work on a new ‘library portal’ for users.
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    WHY WE’RE DOING IT • The current catalogue (Stored in

    Horizon) is difficult to get data from without using Horizon’s own portal. • The data isn’t provided in a way which computers can easily use to do interesting things with. • Horizon’s own portal doesn’t integrate well with other services like eJournals or reading lists.
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    THE PLAN Put them together and what have you got...

    Convert Horizon to MongoDB Make MongoDB ready to search
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    WHY COMPUTERS? People can use this information to build new,

    exciting services like book recommendation systems based around our data
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    THE PROBLEM • We have loads of services which we

    want people to use. • People have to visit them all individually, log in individually and learn a whole new interface for each service.
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    HOW WE’RE FIXING IT • A new look based around

    the University’s Common Web Design. • All services have an access point based around a single portal. • Where possible, build access to features into the new site.
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    MORE STUFF •Follow our blog: •Email me: •Twitter:

    @jacksonj04 Awesome hand-drawn icons by Aleksandra Wolska (