We Can Haz Ur Datas?!

We Can Haz Ur Datas?!

The slides from my presentation at Pancakes and Mash on why opening up data is good, how to go about it and common pitfalls.


Nick Jackson

March 08, 2011


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    Some vendors even claim getting data is impossible... At least

    without their ‘web services’ plugin... They want their data to be alone in a cold, featureless (possibly rocky) world...
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    Be inquisitive. Don’t be afraid to try something ‘unsupported’. Make

    backups, or a copy of all your data to play with. Find a developer.
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    Either way, you now have data. Open it up. Make

    something. Anything. Show it off.
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    Project Jerome JISC Infrastructure Project All about sharing data Also

    exposes functionality Helps boost our data #jerome jerome.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk
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    Beware! Giant crab has a warning. We’ve been saying “your

    data”... Double check your licences.
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    Help is at hand. You’ve got open data. So have

    other people. * May not be permitted under all licences. I am not a lawyer. Please double check with your legal team before exposing yourself to the world. Combine the two. You’ve got a mashup.
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