Universal Search at Lincoln

Universal Search at Lincoln

A look at why we're building a new Universal Search system at the University of Lincoln, and what you can expect it to do.


Nick Jackson

August 11, 2010


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    Instinct, especially in academia and bureaucracy, is to keep everything

    forever. This is understandably a problem once we get into millions of items of data.
  2. 7.

    Multiply this by every University system, for all the data

    we have ever created. It’s a lot of information to keep track of. But that’s OK because we’ve carefully organised it, right?
  3. 8.

    Nope. In fact, people are generally really bad at organising

    data. Things are consistently mis-labelled, in the wrong place, or just plain irrelevant. Even worse, we don’t know where to start looking for some things.
  4. 10.

    We take the content lists from things all over the

    University and put them into one.
  5. 13.

    And because it looks at a combined index, it can

    search 100% of our stuff at once.
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    Universal Search is currently under construction, but we’d love you

    to try it. Try search beta yourself: http://search.labs.lncn.eu Let us know any comments, problems, ideas or questions with the Feedback tab.
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    Universal Search is part of Labs, where we test new

    ideas to see what people think. Find out more about Labs: http://labs.lncn.eu