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Pangeo Developers Meeting: Pangeo Principles

Pangeo Developers Meeting: Pangeo Principles

Jacob Tomlinson

August 13, 2018

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  1. The story of the Informatics Lab Jacob Tomlinson Technologist Meg

    Fitzsimons Designer JACOB TOMLINSON
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  7. WHY HAVE PRINCIPLES? • We are facing a complex problem

    • We are building a complex solution • Principles are tools to help you make judgement calls • Principles guard against brittle and inflexible design • Principles help you avoid being seduced by short terms wins • Principles don’t commit to specific tools
  8. “all models are wrong, but some are useful” George Box

  9. Functionality What should Pangeo do? Implementation How could we do

    those things? CATEGORIES OF PRINCIPLES Engineering How can we build them well?

  11. Interactivity

  12. Data discovery

  13. Publication And Communication

  14. Reproducibility

  15. Expressiveness

  16. Franchisable

  17. Empower people to go off piste

  18. Implementation

  19. Lazy Data Access

  20. Just in time computation

  21. Scalable Volatile Compute

  22. Parallel data access

  23. Thin client

  24. Engineering

  25. Modular

  26. Open Source

  27. Specialise late

  28. Undifferentiated heavy lifting

  29. Writing code is a last resort

  30. Functionality Interactivity Reproducibility Data Discovery Publication and communication Expressiveness Franchisable

    Empower people to go off piste Implementation Lazy data access Just in time computation Scalable Volatile Compute Parallel Data Access Thin client PANGEO PRINCIPLES Engineering Modularity Open Source Specialise Late Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting Writing code is a last resort

  32. Geo scientists shouldn’t have to be system engineers

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  35. www.informaticslab.co.uk @_jacobtomlinson THANK YOU - QUESTIONS?