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Avoid These 4 Apple Device Refresh Mistakes

October 24, 2018

Avoid These 4 Apple Device Refresh Mistakes

Presentation from JNUC 2018, the world's largest rally of Apple IT administrators.

Avoid These 4 Apple Device Refresh Mistakes

Presented by:
Kristin Lill, Second Life Mac
Ron Coleman, Second Life Mac

View all session slides, recordings and more at https://www.jamf.com/events/jamf-nation-user-conference/2018/.


October 24, 2018

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  1. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Kristin Lill
    VP of Channel Development
    Ron Coleman
    VP of Mobility Solutions

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  2. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Second Life Mac is an Apple-exclusive buyback
    company with clients in the Education, Enterprise,
    Healthcare, Finance, and Government sectors.
    Who is Second Life Mac?

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  3. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Avoid These 4 Apple Device 

    Refresh Mistakes

    • Mistake #1

    • Mistake #2

    • Live-Panel discussion (Good, Bad, Ugly)

    • Mistake #3

    • Mistake #4

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  4. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Where will IT be spending time in
    Leveraging Cloud Technology
    Business Strategy
    Data & BI Improvement
    Buy-Back Process
    Security Improvements

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  5. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Mistake # 1
    Selling your devices during the

    April - July timeframes.

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  6. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Mistake # 2
    Not knowing the difference between a
    recycler and a trusted buyback partner.
    • Reactive
    • Risk
    • Transactional approach
    • Mass marketing
    • Account Executive
    • Vendor
    • Little to No Value
    Buyback Partner
    •Maximum ROI

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  7. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Panel Discussion

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  8. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Jackie Hallmark - Panel Speaker
    Jacquelyn (Jackie) Hallmark is a telecom administrator,
    responsible for Mobile device strategy, management and
    security for Just Energy, one of the largest global retail
    electric and natural gas companies in North America.

    She currently manages over 2,500 devices that are
    deployed globally. She has over 18 years of experience
    working in the telecom and energy industries.

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  9. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Joseph Leacu - Panel Speaker
    Joe is a 15 year veteran school IT administrator managing
    both MacOS, iOS devices. The MURSD currently operates a
    1:1 learning program with 1600 students, grades 5-12 using
    6th Generation iPads and JAMF Pro.

    The MURSD recently completed a refresh of iPads with
    Apple and SecondLifeMac of approximately 1,000 devices.
    When Joe isn’t managing people and Macs he enjoys
    traveling to the beach in Maine with his wife, and two young

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  10. © JAMF Software, LLC
    What mistakes were made during your
    device refresh and what lessons did you
    learn from it?

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  11. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Tell us some of the challenges you
    experienced with your previous
    buyback partner?

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  12. © JAMF Software, LLC
    What do you feel is the most important
    thing to consider when selecting your
    buy back partner?

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  13. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Mistake #3
    Waiting Too Long Or Not Thinking
    About Doing your Device Refresh

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  14. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Mistake #4
    Not researching and selecting the
    right buyback partner

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  15. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Final Considerations
    Avoiding the 4 mistakes

    1. Sell your devices outside of peak season

    2. Partner with a buyback company

    3. Think about your refresh now

    4. Select the right partner

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    The Perfect Partnership

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  17. © JAMF Software, LLC
    This is Why Second Life Mac Exists
    • Why are you seeing our faces up here?

    • Why are we sponsoring this event?

    • How are we growing so quickly?

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  18. © JAMF Software, LLC
    How do you Get Started?
    Start the Conversation

    • SLM is in Booth #7

    • Come by and Let us know where you are in
    your device lifecycle!

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    Device Refresh Checklist

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  20. © JAMF Software, LLC
    Second Life Mac Next Event
    • We are hosting the Women in Tech session

    • Nicollet Grand Ballroom 4:00 - 4:45

    • JAMF Cocktail Hour to follow

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