The Benefit of a Systems Lens: Viewing Feedback from a "Systems Thinking" model

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June 30, 2016

The Benefit of a Systems Lens: Viewing Feedback from a "Systems Thinking" model

Understanding feedback through a systems lens has advantages. This pure feedback loop is more accurate, it moves us away from needless judgement, and it enhances accountability just to name a few. By taking a step back and examining the feedback and data we receive in three different ways, we can understand it much clearer.
Those ways are:
Are differences between the giver and receiver creating friction for the feedback?
Is the feedback partly related to the differing roles between giver and receiver as it relates to the common “system”?
Are processes, policies, physical environment, or other factors within the system reinforcing problems with the feedback?
Allowing ourselves to view feedback from a “Systems Thinking” model, we can begin to look for patterns, understand the feedback loop with more accuracy, and identify contributing factors to both failure and success.

This quick (IGNITE-style) talk will discuss feedback from a “Systems Thinking” perspective.



June 30, 2016