ChatOps: Infrastructure As Conversation

ChatOps: Infrastructure As Conversation

Those tasked with building and maintaining resilient services and systems at scale are aware of the concepts behind “Infrastructure as Code”. Configuration management tools and services such as Puppet, Ansible, Chef, and others have become a staple in the provisioning, management, and more of critical components of systems worldwide.

With the growing popularity of ChatOps (the concept of moving actions and context related to Operations into a persistent group-chat tool) more and more teams are beginning to find even more efficiencies and benefits. What does it look like when teams have begun to manage much of their infrastructure from the interface of group-chat? What concerns and pitfalls must be considered? Where should teams begin their efforts towards a ChatOps approach? What’s on the horizon and beyond as more and more shift their actions away from the command-line-interface and web browsers and begin to leverage API’s, bots, and group-chat tools in a secure and consistent way?



May 17, 2016