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DevOps Organizational Journey

June 22, 2016

DevOps Organizational Journey

DevOps principles and practices within the enterprise have become easier to measure and too attractive to ignore. As a result, larger organizations and IT teams are beginning to seek out ways of rolling out their own DevOps initiative. However, DevOps isn't as simple as implementing new tools, processes, or even hiring on workers with "DevOps" in their title. Rather, it's a focus on Continuous Improvement that allows for the ideas to develop and prosper. This in turn, leads to significant efficiencies, gains, and innovations throughout IT and the entire company.

In this talk, Jason Hand (DevOps Evangelist @ VictorOps) will discuss the origins of the DevOps movement, the important concepts all organizations, regardless of size, must keep in mind, and how to take the first steps. From a cultural assessment of the organization as a whole to the key concepts that are challenging for many in the enterprise world to accept, we'll discuss the core tenets of DevOps and what is required to begin the organizational journey that is required to stay competitive in todays growing and competitive markets.


June 22, 2016

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