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How to Contribute to WordPress with a Rock Solid Talk

B3ace07412a5178ea778e7eec161fc0a?s=47 Joe Casabona
October 31, 2019

How to Contribute to WordPress with a Rock Solid Talk

If you do something with WordPress, you can contribute by telling people about it! As the number of WordPress meetups and WordCamps increase, there are lots of opportunities for for new voices and fantastic talks. In this session, we’ll go over coming up with ideas, pitching your talk, and delivering a great presentation.


Joe Casabona

October 31, 2019


  1. How to Contribute to WordPress with a Rock Solid Talk

    Joe Casabona / @jcasabona /
  2. None
  3. People you see on stage: • Band Members • Stage

    Hands People You don’t see, who contribute: • Song writers • Producers • Audio Engineers • Other Members of the A/V Team • Runners • Security • Event Planners
  4. @jcasabona You don’t need to write code to contribute to

  5. There are lots of ways.

  6. @jcasabona My favorite is talking. (shockingly)

  7. @jcasabona YOU can contribute by giving a WordCamp (or Meetup)

  8. @jcasabona What You Need (and What You Don’t) • You

    don’t need to be the expert • You don’t need to have years of experience. • You don’t need to be a professional speaker. • You just need to know something. • You just need to try new things. • You just need to be willing to share.
  9. @jcasabona How to Give a Good Talk

  10. @jcasabona Submitting an Idea • Come up with a good,

    compelling title • Create a description that conveys the best points of your talk without giving it away
  11. Structuring Your Talk • Start with a story (don’t start

    with your bio) • Tie the story to your main point • Tell the audience what they’ll learn • Give them a few actionable items or tips • Bring it all back to your story. • THEN tell them who you are • Thank them, tell them how they can learn moreinvite questions
  12. @jcasabona Be the Audio Engineer at a concert.

  13. @jcasabona Writing code is important to WordPress, just like the

    band needs to play the show. But without people sharing what they’re learning, we won’t be encouraging growth in the community.
  14. @jcasabona We’ll have a band, but no one will hear

    the music.
  15. Joe Casabona Educator, Developer, Podcaster @jcasabona