Distribute your libraries via Maven, even privately

Distribute your libraries via Maven, even privately

Slides from my talk at Droidcon Italy and Big Android BBQ Amsterdam 2016
video: not recorded

In order to remain cost effective reusing code is one of the most essentials skills of a modern Android developer. Using open source libraries is one thing, but what if there isn't a library available that suits your need? How would you go about to develop and distribute this library yourself?

This talk aims at providing a complete solution for library distribution, either within your own organisation or with the entire open source community. You will learn how to setup your own private Maven repository, configure an account for Maven Central or JCenter and that even BitBucket/Github can be used as a Maven repository! Fully functional Gradle scripts will be provided for each alternative, taking important aspects like security and nested dependencies into account.

After this talk, there will be no more excuse to ramp up your game and start reusing your own code!


Jeroen Mols

April 07, 2016