The big rewrite

The big rewrite

Slides from my talk at Droidcon IT 2018

Are you living the dream? An architecture so SOLID you could literally build your house on? Tests so fast you can't even sip your coffee before they finish? Code so clean it literally hurts your eyes?

No? Then why don't you convince management to start over? Things will be different, you'll do things right.

Truth be told, app rewrites seldom work out: estimates turn out to be overly optimistic, functionality a lot more complex and crucial details have been deeply buried in the legacy code. Result: pressure to ship increases and technical debt again piles up.

Join this keynote to get a better understanding of the unique challenge of today's ever-growing, more and more complex apps. Learn how we can efficiently tackle legacy code bases and how to get back your developer happiness.

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Jeroen Mols

April 19, 2018