CCASJ 25th Anniversary Presentation

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February 04, 2013

CCASJ 25th Anniversary Presentation

CCASJ 25th Anniversary Presentation



February 04, 2013


  1. Welcome to Saint John We are very happy to have

    you joining us CHINESE CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF SAINT JOHN P.O. BOX 2661 Saint John, NB E2L 4Z1 email: CHINESE CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF SAINT JOHN P.O. BOX 2661 Saint John, NB E2L 4Z1 email: Website: CHINESE CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF SAINT JOHN P.O. BOX 2661 Saint John, NB E2L 4Z1 email: CHINESE CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF SAINT JOHN P.O. BOX 2661 Saint John, NB E2L 4Z1 email: Website: A home for all of us Saint John New Brunswick Canada Centre Scolaire Samuel-de-Champlain Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 7:00 pm 此 刻 同 欢 忆 旧 时 今 宵 共 聚 庆 周 年 A Glimpse of Chinese Culture and Heritage
  2. 1 34 Chinese waist drum dance Chinese Paper cutting at

    the Chinese Cultural Workshop Chinese Painting at the Chinese Cultural Workshop Our kids performed at the Chinese Cultural Workshop, May 2009 Sharing Our Cultural Heritage Chinese traditional dulcimer Demonstrating Chinese tea ceremony
  3. 2 33 1) To conduct classes teaching Chinese language and

    culture 2) To permeate Chinese culture and promote multi- culturalism 3) To promote understanding and goodwill between Chinese Canadians and other ethnic Canadians The Chinese Cultural Association of Saint John A non-profit organization having no affiliation with any religious or political party. The objectives are ~~~ President’s Welcome Message ~~~ Marking a Quarter Century! The Chinese Cultural Association of Saint John has indeed reached this amazing landmark, a 25-year Joyful Journey in our beautiful new homeland. In commemorating and honouring our association‟s rich history, we are proudly presenting to you this Spectacular Chinese Cultural Gala with the theme Fond Memories and Fresh Perspectives. I have been known as a serious University Professor and Scientist for most of my life. Being a President of a Cultural Association was something my Fengsui Masters would never have predicted. When I was approached and asked to volunteer for the Association, I hesitated at first but was convinced by strong support from our community to take on the task as a challenge. You will soon witness the united community spirit and enthusiasm that have gone into the 25th Silver Anniversary Cultural Gala that will charm you tonight. The Gala will feature many talents in our community and around the region to give you a glimpse into our vibrant Chinese Culture and Heritage. Over the past 25 years, the CCASJ has grown into one of the largest ethnic groups in Saint John. We have actively participated in many social and cultural events in the city and province. We are and have truly been recognized as an important part of the Canadian Family. To share our Chinese history and heritage, the Association organizes Chinese language classes and celebrates traditional Chinese Festivals. We are a non-profit organization, with educational charity status, aimed at the promotion of our rich Chinese heritage, a culture of which we are all very proud. Just as important, we aim at enhancing understanding and goodwill between Chinese Canadians and all other Canadians. I would like to acknowledge the groundwork laid down by the CCASJ pioneer founders, support from the community, the local governments, and our sister Associations in the Region. Finally, I want to thank the whole community in joining us in this celebration. Enjoy the show! Prof. Dr. Li-Hong Xu
  4. 3 32 Congratulations to CCASJ CCASJ: Current Board Members Dr.

    Li-Hong Xu Ms. Wenmei Li Mr. Jason Han Ms. Angela Tang Mr. Xinbing Liu Ms. Xuan Wang Mr. Jerry Yu Chinese class
  5. CCASJ 1984 – 2009 31 4 List of Presidents* 1984-1990

    Mr. George Tong 1990-1994 Dr. John Yang 1994-1997 Mrs. Maureen Yang 1997-1999 Mrs. Mee-Yong Jones 1999-2003 Mr. Tom Lui 2003-2005 Mr. Ang Ma, Mr. Xiao-Jin Wang 2005-2007 Ms. Cindy Li, Dr. Li-Hong Xu (Honorary President) 2007-2009 Drs. Li-Hong Xu & LiQun Sun (Co-Presidents) 2009- Dr. Li-Hong Xu Congratulations to CCASJ We Salute You ! * We have tried to make the above list as complete and accurate as possible. We apologize if there are any errors.
  6. 5 30 Congratulations to CCASJ

  7. 29 6 Mr. George Tong with the next generation

  8. 28 7 Congratulatio ns to CCASJ Pretzel Productions Tel: 506.646.9965

    Fax: 506.642.4446
  9. 8 27 The Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick The Honourable Graydon

    Nicholas I am delighted to offer sincere congratulations to the Chinese Cultural Association of Saint John on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary. As New Brunswick‟s 30th Lieutenant Governor, I have made a pledge to encourage the celebration of our Province‟s diversity. Your group inspires this city and this province with the traditions, heritage and customs of the Chinese culture. As we prepare to celebrate the Year of the Tiger, I thank each and every member of the Association for sharing the richness and vibrancy of your origins and culture. Your group symbolizes wisdom and grace, courage and determination, perseverance and cooperation. This anniversary is a true celebration, and I look forward to many more. The Honourable Graydon Nicholas Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick Je suis ravis d'offrir plus sincères fèlicitations à l'Association culturelle chinoise de Saint-Jean à l'occasion de son 25e anniversaire. En tant que 30e lieutenant-gouverneur du Nouveau-Brunswick, j'ai pris un engagement à encourager la célébration de notre diversité. Votre groupe inspire cette ville et cette province avec les traditions, le patrimoine et les coutumes de la culture chinoise. Comme nous nous préparons à célébrer l'Année du Tigre, je remercie chacun des membres de l'Association pour le partage de la richesse et la vitalité de vos origines et la culture. Votre groupe symbolise la sagesse et la grâce, le courage et la détermination, la persévérance et la coopération. Cet anniversaire est une célébration vraiment, et je l'espère, pour beaucoup d'autres. L'honorable Graydon Nicholas Le lieutenant-gouverneur du Nouveau-Brunswick Government House Résidence du Gouverneur P.O. Box 6000 Case postale 6000 51 Woodstock Road 51 Chemin Woodstock Fredericton, N.B. E3B 5H1
  10. 9 26 Congratulations to CCASJ Congratulations to CCASJ

  11. 10 25 Congratulations to the Chinese Cultural Association of Saint

    John Congratulations to The Chinese Cultural Association of Saint John
  12. 11 Acknowledgements The Chinese Cultural Association of Saint John would

    like to thank ALL who have helped and been involved in the CCASJ 25th Silver Anniversary Celebration Gala. Your ongoing support for our association’s culture, language and arts activities is gratefully acknowledged. We look forward to continuing our interaction and we treasure your past, present and future support. 24 Congratulations to CCASJ Tea leave picking dance at the 2009 dragon boat festival
  13. 12 23 Congratulations to CCASJ Thank You Our special thanks

    go to the following organizations that have allowed us use of their facilities for meetings, rehearsals or have made in-kind contributions to the CCASJ 25th Silver Anniversary Celebration Gala: Saint John Stone Church UNBSJ Athletics Department Chinese Cultural Association of New Brunswick Chinese Students & Scholars Association of UNBSJ Telegraph Journal CBC Radio Ossekeag Publishing Ltd …. Saint John Co-op Food Market KV Co-op Food Market Atlantic Superstores: West, Rothesay ….
  14. 22 13 Congratulations to CCASJ CCASJ 25th Anniversary Celebration Working

    Groups* Program: Li-Hong Xu and Wenmei Li Promotion: Jason Han, Li-Hong Xu, Miao & Jerry Yu Media: Miao and Jerry Yu Program brochure: Wenmei Li, Li-Hong Xu and Miao Yu Fundraising: Jason Han, Xinbing Liu, Li-Hong Xu, Jerry Yu, and Baochun Zhen Production: Xi Chen, Yuanchun Jin, Xiaojie Li, Angela Tang, Cindy Tang, Dan Xu, Li-Hong Xu, Minjian Zhang Stage: Jason Han and Wenmei Li CCASJ web: Jerry Yu Fan dance at the 2009 dragon boat festival * We have tried to make the above list as complete and accurate as possible. We apologize if there are any errors.
  15. Cucurbit Flute: Meeting in the Yurt & Wedding Vows 敖包相会

    & 婚誓 The Cucurbit flute is a free reed wind instrument with 3 bamboo pipes which pass through a gourd wind chest. The Meeting in the Yurt depicts the meeting of a couple in a Mongolian Hut. Wedding Vows is a popular piece of Chinese Music. Chinese Dulcimer: Dance of the Yao People - 瑶族舞曲 The Chinese Dulcimer (Yang Qin) is a traditional Chinese instrument originally from Central Asia. Modern dulcimers usually have 144 strings in total, with each pitch running in courses, with up to 5 strings per course in order to boost the volume. The Yao live in the mountainous terrains of southwestern China and form one of its 56 ethnic groups. This music is written in traditional Yao style conjuring up scenes of festive celebrations. Jubilant Fan Dance - 冰糖葫芦 The Fan Dance is one type of art that represents Chinese traditional culture. Dancers use hand fans to tell a story by the folding, unfolding and twirling of the fan. Mostly done to express joy, the Jubilant Fan Dance evokes feelings and images of happiness and delight with their symbolic gestures and movements. Bernard the Magician – 魔术 Our next performer has already been on the stage tonight in an official role as the City's Cultural Affairs Officer. But he wears many other hats including that of being a magician. He has been entertaining people of all ages with his conjuring and sleight-of-hand illusions for over 20 years in the Saint John area. He is the Founder and President of the Magic Circle of Saint John, a local magicians club that meets on a monthly basis. Please welcome to the stage...Bernard the Magician !! Ethnic Fashion Show - 东方霓裳 China is composed of 56 ethnic groups. All ethnic groups have their own customs, habits and cultural traditions, including languages and religions. Today, you will see the ethnicity and cultural traditions through this fashion show that features costumes and dresses from some of the ethnic groups. 21 14 Uyghur Dance (Chinese Ethnic Minority) Chinese Cultural Dance Group Congratulations to CCASJ Introducing program Multicultural Hockey Day at Harbour Station , Nov. 2009 Program Notes – continued
  16. 15 20 ~~~ Program Notes – continued ~~~ Asian Heritage

    Exhibit – Asian Heritage Month, May, 2009 Dance to the Heavenly Road to Tibet - 天路 The Tibet railway, includes the Tanggula Pass, which, at 5,072 m (16,640 feet) above sea level, is the world's highest rail track. The 1,338 m Fenghuoshan tunnel is the highest rail tunnel in the world at 4,905 m above sea level. It is known as the nearest door to heaven. This dance is to pay a great tribute to the giant railway project. Men’s Chorus: Wine Divinity - 酒神曲 The film "Red Sorghum" (Hong Gao Liang) is a myth described in the legend means. By showing the ancient law of life it praises humanity and vitality. Honoring life is the subject of the film. It is precisely because of this praise of life, as well as the films superb use of film language, that "Red Sorghum" won international honors. In the film the song of "Wine Divinity" (Jiu Sheng Qu) is the theme of the film side note. The melody was taken from northern Shaanxi folk songs, through the super-strength temperament call roar demonstrate our strong vitality. Popular lyrics with concise and profound meanings interpret both a basic understanding of life and implying of the pursuit of equality of life. Happiness Drum Rhythms - 喜洋洋腰鼓 The waist drum dance is at least 2,000 years old. It originated in Shanxi province, performed by soldiers to sound alarms and for daily recreation. Today it is performed at the Spring and the Lantern Festivals. In the drum dance, each dancer has a red drum tied to her waist and beats it with drumsticks to a rhythmic pattern, while executing vigorous movements and jumps. Solo Voice: Love of Small Home Town – 小村之恋 The song expresses a longing heart for one's small home town - love for the calm river, green hills, blue sky, fragrance of flowers...hoping someday one will return to his or her beautiful sweet home. Youthful Melody - 青春的旋律 This dance combines Chinese ribbon dance with western modern music “Explosive.” The dancers express youthfulness and vigor through the ribbons they wield. Chinese Zither: Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water - 山东筝派:高山 流水The Chinese Zither (Guzheng) is a 2000 year old plucked half-tube instrument with movable bridges and 21 strings. The strings were formerly made of twisted silk, but at the turn of the 20th century most instruments used metal strings. The piece Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water aims to convey the wonders of the wilderness as well as its quiet majesty.
  17. 19 Opening Lion Dance Chinese Students and Scholars Association of

    UNBSJ Dancers Xi Chen Yuanchun Jin Giselle Kan Miranda Lees Xiaojie Li Yu Shang Yulin Shang Zhuo Shi Guihua Song Cindy Tang Alva Wang Dan Xu Li-Hong Xu Miao Yu Yanqin Zhang Lisa Zheng Zhang Zhang (CCANB) Children Amy Cui Amy Dai Sara Han Grace Yu Joyce Yu Lilian Zhen Romy Zhang Singers Zhenhua Cui Baohua Dai Jason Han Xinbing Liu Jerry Yu Xi Zhang Mingjian Zhang Andrew Xu Zhuo Shi Instruments Amy Dai Wen Gao Miranda Lees Ludmila Knezkova-Hussey Wenmei Li Zhang Zhang (CCANB) List of Performers* 16 Special Thanks to All Performers Involved in the Ethnic Fashion Show Production ! Lion Blessing - 雄狮献瑞 The Lion Dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture, in which performers mimic a lion‟s movements in a lion costume. The lion is traditionally regarded as a guardian creature and brings good luck and fortune to people, so the dance is usually performed either as entertainment for the imperial court or as a ceremony to exorcise evil spirits and to summon luck and fortune. In modern days, you can see the Lion Dance used to celebrate during Chinese New Year and other traditional festivals, or for business ground openings. There are normally two people in one lion; one dances in the lion‟s head; the other one is in the rear part. Sometimes a third person uses a silk ball to tease the „Lion‟; or puts on a funny mask to stir up the happy atmosphere. Majestic Silk Ribbon-Fan Dance - 开门红 In Chinese tradition red colour means good fortune and great happiness. The literal translation of this dance music is “seeing red when door is opened” meaning to make a good beginning; to get a good start. Solo Dance from the Tang Dynasty - 梦回大唐 This is a classical Chinese dance that rediscovers the spectacular and rich dance culture of the Tang Dynasty - one of the dynasties in Chinese history that forever inspires and makes Chinese people proud. Children’s Group: Let’s Pull the Carrots - 拔萝卜 The dance was extracted from a Chinese animation movie. A group of kids represent different characters, a little girl, a little cat, a little dog, and a little mouse, trying to pull a big carrot out of the ground. It tells us together we can do big thing. Violin Solo: Excerpt from the Butterfly Lovers Concerto - 梁祝 This violin concerto is based a Chinese legend of a tragic love story of a pair of lovers, Liang Shanbo (梁山伯) and Zhu Yingtai (祝英台), whose names form the title of the story, and often regarded as the Chinese equivalent of Romeo and Juliet. Piano Solo: Horse Race – 赛马 This traditional Mongolian song was originally written to accompany the horse races that were held between men of different tribes. Now days commonly heard as an Erhu piece, the performer will be playing his own transcription for solo piano. * We have tried to make the above list as complete and accurate as possible. We apologize if there are any errors. ~~~ Program Notes ~~~
  18. 18 17 Program ~~~ O Canada/God Save the Queen CCASJ

    President’s Welcome Lion Blessing - 雄狮献瑞 Greeting from the Lieutenant-Governor of NB Majestic Silk Ribbon-Fan Dance - 开门红 Greeting from Mayor Court Solo Dance from the Tang Dynasty - 梦回大唐 Children’s Group: Let’s Pull the Carrots - 拔萝卜 Violin Solo: Excerpt from the Butterfly Lovers Concerto 梁祝 Piano Solo: Racing Horses – 赛马 Dance to the Heavenly Road to Tibet - 天路 Greeting from the City Cultural Affairs Officer Men’s Chorus: Wine Divinity - 酒神曲 ~~~ Intermission – 中场休息 MCs: Ms. Xuan Wang & Mr. Wen Gao ~~~ Happiness Drum Rhythms - 喜洋洋腰鼓 Solo Voice: Love of Small Home Town – 小村之恋 Youthful Melody - 青春的旋律 Introduction of CCASJ Founders & Past Board Members Chinese Zither: Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water 山东筝派:高山流水 Cucurbit Flute: Meeting in the Yurt & Wedding Vows 敖包相会 & 婚誓 Chinese Dulcimer: Dance of the Yao People 瑶族舞曲 Jubilant Fan Dance - 冰糖葫芦 Bernard the Magician – 魔术 Ethnic Fashion Show - 东方霓裳 Grand Finale & Thank You – 终场和感谢 ~~~ Reception – 点心