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When should we drop Jetifier?

When should we drop Jetifier?

These slides are a lightning talk of cookpad.apk#3 which is a Cookpad's event in Japan.
The aim is not a technical approach but just a warning for those who don't take care of Jetifier stuff.


Matsuda Jumpei

July 23, 2019


  1. When should we drop Jetifier? Cookpad.apk #3 LT

  2. Don't feed me Jumpei Matsuda / Daruma ▸ Software Architect

    @DeployGate ▸ GitHub: jmatsu ▸ Twitter: red_fat_daruma ▸ Interest in SF Maintenance/Reliability ▸ CI/CD, Testing, Delivery/Feedback cycle, etc. 2
  3. AndroidX ▸ New generation of Support Library ▸ Strict Semantic

    Versioning ▸ Inseparate from Android OS Versions ▸ Finer-grained modules ▸ Support Library is no longer under the maintenance ▸ New Projects should use AndroidX ▸ Existing Projects should be migrated 3
  4. Jetifier ▸ Allow you to mix Support Library and AndroidX

    ▸ Transform Support Library to AndroidX ▸ Modify Java/Kotlin, POM, XML, Proguard by using ASM else ▸ In proguard configurations, android.support.* will be transformed to eligible androidx packages ▸ AGP apply do jetification at the build-time if configured 4
  5. Concern about keeping Jetifier-ed ▸ Slow build? ▸ This has

    been solved. Jetifier transformation won't be applied to artifacts which contain AndroidX since 1.0.0- beta05 ▸ Jetifier is still in beta ▸ i.e. Jetifier potentially cause a build error if a bug is shipped. Hopefully, they won't do so... 5
  6. When should we drop Jetifier? A. As soon as possible

    ▸ Recommend you to integrate this with your development pipeline and check if you can remove Jetifier
  7. https://github.com/plnice/can-i-drop-jetifier can i drop jetifier ▸ A Gradle plugin to

    detect remaining artifacts which use Support Library ▸ If no artifact is found, let's disable Jetifier! You are lucky! ▸ Otherwise, you cannot disable Jetfier yet ▸ Depends on 3rd party library authors... 7
  8. e.g. mopub has no plan to support AndroidX for now

    ▸ https://github.com/mopub/mopub-android-sdk/issues/ 311 ▸ > we currently do not support AndroidX, and there's no plan to support it for the foreseeable future. I'll raise this request internally to see what can be done! 8
  9. 9

  10. https://developer.android.com/studio/command-line/jetifier Standalone Jetifier ▸ For who want to do jetification

    manually ▸ Support de-jetification ▸ You might be able to ▸ Know how Jetifier works ▸ Disable Jetifier from AGP by embedding jetified aars/jars ▸ Use AndroidX artifacts on your project using Support Library ▸ I'm unsure who wants to do so 10
  11. When CAN we drop Jetifier? A. Someday

  12. Thank you for listening Jumpei Matsuda / Daruma ▸ Software

    Architect @DeployGate ▸ GitHub: jmatsu ▸ Twitter: red_fat_daruma ▸ Please feel free to ask me any questions ▸ e.g. CI/CD, App Distribution, Sake 12