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Strategic Fusion: Adobe Commerce Cloud, Magento MSI, and Beyond – Crafting Unique Omnichannel Experiences

Strategic Fusion: Adobe Commerce Cloud, Magento MSI, and Beyond – Crafting Unique Omnichannel Experiences

As consumers evolve, so must retailers. The journey towards a seamless omnichannel experience is one of the industry's most complex yet rewarding challenges. This talk will uncover how the combined powers of Adobe Commerce Cloud, Magento Multi Source Inventory, and innovative custom coding can craft a truly tailored omnichannel system, using the real-world implementation for Family Farm & Home as a case study. We'll dissect the challenges faced, solutions implemented, and the tangible business results achieved.

Joshua Warren

October 05, 2023

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  1. Strategic Fusion Adobe Commerce Cloud, Magento MSI, and Beyond –

    Crafting Unique Omnichannel Experiences Joshua Warren, CEO, Creatuity
  2. My Experience • 25 years of ecommerce experience in development,

    solutions design and leadership • 15 years as CEO of Creatuity, where we bring peace of mind by delivering a remarkable experience to merchants and their customers through eCommerce solutions • 5 years at Founding Chair of the Board of the Magento Association
  3. Journey Towards a Seamless Omnichannel Experience 1 Challenge Retailers need

    to adapt as consumers evolve and demand seamless omnichannel experiences. 2 Solution Combined powers of Adobe Commerce Cloud, Magento MSI, and custom React apps can craft tailored omnichannel systems. 3 Results Discover the results of the implementation at Family Farm & Home
  4. The Challenge Client: Family Farm & Home, a retailer with

    over 65 stores across 5 midwestern states. Challenge: Family Farm & Home needed to replace their order management system. They had considered various commercial off- the-shelf options. Our Solution: We proposed leveraging their existing systems and building a custom React app. This solution would provide customers and employees a custom omnichannel experience while reducing costs.
  5. Unleashing The Potential of Magento & Adobe Adobe Commerce Cloud

    Focus on creating unique omnichannel experiences without the hassle of server maintenance. Magento Multi Source Inventory (MSI) MSI adds the ability to manage inventory across multiple sources such as each of your physical stores. Community Power MSI is an open-source contribution developed by the Magento open-source community, seamlessly integrated into Magento & Adobe Commerce.
  6. Seamless Communication Across Systems Meadow Middleware Ensure smooth communication between

    Magento and Eagle ERP, bridging the gap between frontend and backend. Eagle ERP Serve as the source of truth for inventory, pricing, and in-store processes, enhancing operational efficiency. ShipStation Integration Efficiently process Ship to Home orders, seamlessly integrating with Adobe Commerce for order fulfillment.
  7. Harvester React App - Harvester Harvester communicates directly with Adobe

    Commerce and provides the front-end for all omnichannel activities such as picking orders and confirming order pickup. ISPU - In-Store Pickup Harvester streamlines the processing of in-store pickup orders, improving customer experience. Integration with Eagle ERP By centralizing all commerce operations within Adobe Commerce, we can use existing middleware to connect ISPU to Eagle.
  8. Omnichannel Results for Family Farm & Home 1 Simplified Order

    Picking Store associates experienced a streamlined and faster process for picking orders, improving overall operational efficiency and reducing errors. 2 Enhanced Customer Pickup Customers enjoyed a simpler and faster experience when picking up their orders, resulting in increased satisfaction and repeat business. 3 Flexible Product Management The ability to easily add new products and indicate their availability for view-only, store pickup, ship to home, or both, empowered Family Farm & Home to adapt to changing customer demands effectively.
  9. Omnichannel Experience Design 1 Personalized Recommendations Personalize not just on

    purchase history but also preferred store and delivery method. 2 Streamlined Checkout Process Do not separate store pickup checkout flows from home delivery flows. 3 Flexible Delivery Options Offer customers the convenience of choosing their delivery method, whether it's store pickup or ship to home or both.
  10. The Power of Pragmatic Solutions 1 Focus on Requirements, Not

    Buzzwords Instead of getting caught up in buzzwords, we took a pragmatic approach. We examined the requirements and sought the simplest, most cost-effective solution. 2 Building a Headless System What we built can be considered a headless, composable commerce system. This wasn't the requirement or the primary focus. Our goal was to deliver results, not chase the latest trends. 3 Higher ROI through Simplicity By prioritizing simplicity and cost- effectiveness, we achieved a better result with a higher return on investment (ROI). Sometimes, the straightforward approach yields the best outcomes.