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What's New With Magento 2?

What's New With Magento 2?

Presentation given at the Dallas Magento Meetup on July 27th, 2017 about Magento 2.2 and beyond.

Joshua Warren

July 27, 2017

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  1. Magento solutions partner with an all-in-house team based in Dallas

    and Europe Led by Magento Master, Joshua Warren Providing cutting-edge, complete commerce solutions
  2. A Brief History of Magento 2 January 2015 Developer Beta

    November 2015 Magento 2.0 June 2016 Magento 2.1 October 2016 B2B Beta June 2017 Magento 2.2 RC Jan Nov Jun Oct Jun
  3. Magento 2.2 Currently in release candidate stage, release is scheduled

    for September B2B Module Magento Shipping Magento Social
  4. B2B Module • Customer accounts can be linked to a

    company • Company admin can create and edit a hierarchy of users • Order and quote workflow based on this hierarchy
  5. B2B Module • Assign a sales rep to each account

    • Robust quote workflow, including negotiation & quote-to-order • Order by SKU via the web or uploading CSV files
  6. B2B Module • Requisition lists - frequently purchased items •

    Payment on credit • Manage credit limits and outstanding balances
  7. Magento Shipping • Pre-integrated end-to-end shipping solution • Print labels

    from the Magento admin panel • Automate carrier and service level selection
  8. Magento Shipping • Built-in rules engine for quoting and rating

    • Uses microservices: new carriers/features without extension updates • Display relevant shipping options based on location, warehouses, etc.
  9. Magento Social • Pre-integrated solution to push your products to

    Facebook • Improved experience for customers to share products on Facebook • Generate Facebook advertisements from your Magento admin panel
  10. Bluefoot Advanced CMS • Complete overhaul of the CMS system

    in Magento • Drag & drop interface to manage content without needing a developer • Eliminates the need to integrate with systems like WordPress or Drupal
  11. Frontend Framework • Client-rendered front-end framework (think Angular, React, etc.)

    • Follows modern front-end best practices • Reduces/eliminates page-loads and other UX friction
  12. Progressive Web App (PWA) • Term coined by Google in

    2015 • Builds on the concept of progressive enhancement • App-like: handles poor connections, feels faster, better UX
  13. Progressive Web App (PWA) • Mobilegeddon 2.0: By 2019, Responsive

    won’t be enough • Current methods for PWAs in Magento require an extension or service • Will become a native feature in Magento, in partnership with Google
  14. Omnichannel Integrations • Magento Enterprise + Order Manager + Business

    Intelligence • Provide a consistent omnichannel experience for merchants and their customers • Break down silos
  15. One Stop Commerce Shop • Provide the best for everything

    a business might need to be successful in commerce • Build, buy or partner • Deeper integrations with best of breed ERPs, PIMs, etc.