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Show Me the Stories: How to Measure Social Media, and Thus Sell It to Your C Suite

Show Me the Stories: How to Measure Social Media, and Thus Sell It to Your C Suite

Clients, colleagues, and managers are always asking for ROI reports. This is especially true when it comes to social media.

We’ll walk through the use and abuse of social media metrics — that is, both the wrong way and the right way to analyze your analytics.

You’ll leave equipped with a firm understanding of how to best capture and illustrate a relatable yardstick for any digital initiative.

Jonathan Rick

January 27, 2019

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  1. How to measure social media, and thus sell it to

    your C suite
  2. The Big Picture The Problem The Solution Case Studies


  4. That’s how many chief marketing officers say they’re deluged with

    data, but don’t know how to turn these numbers into actionable takeaways.
  5. Measurement Insights

  6. None

  8. The metrics, they are a ‘changin’.

  9. Page Views Unique Visitors Shares Time Spent Scroll Depth Recirculation

  10. None
  11. What Most Emailed Most Viewed Most Shared on Facebook Most

    Tweeted Most Searched When Today This Week This Month This Year All Time
  12. Comments Shares Likes Clicks Impressions Virality

  13. That’s how many metrics Facebook gives each publisher.

  14. The usual metrics tell only part of the story.

  15. “There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and

    statistics.” —Mark Twain
  16. None
  17. None
  18. None
  19. None
  20. 966 shares per article 11 shares per article

  21. None
  22. 88% of sales 12% of sales 13% of profits 87%

    of profits
  23. “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.”

    —Ronald Coase

  25. Before you do anything, ask yourself this one question.

  26. WHY?

  27. Reach New Audiences Humanize the Chamber Influence the Influencers Mobilize

    Our Supporters Establish an Echo Chamber
  28. ✓ Build our brand. ✓ Provide value to our clients.

    ✓ Help gain new clients.
  29. Post Channel Goal Capital One Arena LinkedIn Brand Poke Bowl

    Facebook Maintain Yearend Results MailChimp Prospect
  30. Don’t try to jam a round peg into a square

  31. None
  32. Channel Metric Points Medium.com Reads 5 E-Newsletter New Subscribers 75

    Facebook Organic Video Views 0.5 DailySignal.com Engaged Minutes 1.4 Twitter Mentions 8
  33. None

  35. Essentialize

  36. Essentialize Jettison the Jargon.

  37. “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything

    that can be counted counts.” —Albert Einstein
  38. Status Update Total Reach Viral Reach Engaged Users Talking About

    Comm ents Likes Shares This is what happens when the EPA shuts down coal power 304,304 8,404 1,851 1,340 203 964 400 Here’s everything you need to know about today’s jobs numbers 39,696 16,12 0 1,726 1,190 177 714 533 Click here to learn how the United States ranks 18,376 950 1,099 595 35 542 62 Click here if you don’t believe us 11,148 99 584 124 9 107 12
  39. Social Network Referrals Twitter 2,111 Facebook 1,452 Pinterest 111 LinkedIn

    98 How Are People Finding FreeEnterprise.com?
  40. • 158,000 mentions • 115,000 outbound tweets and direct messages

  41. “Bragging about the number of media placements and impressions you

    got is like bragging about the number of hours you worked. Neither number necessarily means you accomplished anything.” —Steve Radick
  42. • Did Twitter serve as an early warning system to

    identify problems before they spiraled? • How many issues did tweeting help you resolve in real time? • How many corporate testimonials — i.e., happy customers — did your tweets give rise to?
  43. Essentialize Round Off Numbers.

  44. MOST PEOPLE REPORT THIS WAY We had 29,576 unique visitors

    from 9/24 – 9/30/2018. INSTEAD, TRY THIS 30,000 people visited our website last week.
  45. Compare

  46. That’s how many social interactions nytimes.com generated in October 2013.

  47. Website Social Interactions huffingtonpost.com 12,784,487 buzzfeed.com 11,635,424 bbc.co.uk 8,462,269 nytimes.com

    6,547,885 cnn.com 5,547,834 dailymail.co.uk 4,734,887 upworthy.com 4,571,422 theguardian.com 4,379,063 nbcnews.com 4,325,283 mashable.com 4,154,448 The Most Viral Websites
  48. That’s how many fans the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has

    on Facebook.
  49. Association Fans The U.S. Chamber of Commerce 332,145 The American

    Petroleum Institute 110,091 The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America 16,918 The National Association of Manufacturers 14,588 The Business Roundtable 13,948 Facebook Pages of Pro-Business Trade Associations
  50. Association Fans The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America 16,918

    America’s Health Insurance Plans N/A The U.S. Chamber of Commerce 332,145 The U.S. Travel Association 4,297 Facebook Pages of the Top Trade Associations
  51. Name-Drop

  52. Name-Drop Allies.

  53. None
  54. 1,091 mentions of #SOE13

  55. None
  56. Name-Drop Media.

  57. None
  58. None
  59. None
  60. “We want things to be shared, but we also want

    to have impact. And for me, a citation in the Financial Times or the New York Times or the Journal is just as important as a page view.” — PETER LAURIA
  61. Name-Drop Celebrities.

  62. None
  63. 10,000 mentions on Twitter 5,000 impressions on Scribd 3,000 likes

    on SlideShare 2,500 clicks on LinkedIn
  64. None
  65. None