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Healthcare Phrases That Are Almost Always Misunderstood

Healthcare Phrases That Are Almost Always Misunderstood

How both physicians and patients can better communicate with each other.

Jonathan Rick

August 17, 2020

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  1. Healthcare Phrases That Are Almost Always Misunderstood

  2. Phrases That Physicians Say to Patients

  3. Unclear Take two pills, twice daily. Clear Take two pills

    in the morning and two at bedtime.
  4. Unclear Practice social distancing. Clear Stay at home. Go grocery

    shopping only once a week. Wear a mask.
  5. Unclear Your ultrasound came back positive. Clear You have bladder

  6. Unclear Your results were negative. Clear You don’t have skin

  7. Unclear Avoid strenuous activity. Clear Don’t have sex, go for

    a run, or lift anything heavy.
  8. Unclear Follow-up with me in two weeks. Clear Make an

    appointment to see me again in two weeks.
  9. Unclear I’m going to perform a laparoscopy. Clear The surgery

    will be minimally invasive.
  10. Phrases That Patients Say to Physicians

  11. Unclear I think I have arthritis. Clear My joints hurt.

  12. Unclear I have pain in my groin area. Clear I

    have pain in my testicles.
  13. Any other phrases?