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7 Digital Trends Every PR Pro Should Know for 2022

Jonathan Rick
February 27, 2020

7 Digital Trends Every PR Pro Should Know for 2022

Digital Trend #1: A little social, a little media, with an emphasis on the latter.

Digital Trend #2: People flock to the funny.

Digital Trend #3: Wring every drop of content out of everything you create.

Digital Trend #4: Always write a “curiosity gap” headline.

Digital Trend #5: If you don’t have an email list, you’re losing mindshare.

Digital Trend #6: Test everything, no matter how minute.

Digital Trend #7: If it worked once, do it again. And again.

Jonathan Rick

February 27, 2020

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  13. “Many of the original investors we pitched to would say

    things like, ‘Email is dead’ and ‘Why don’t you create an app instead?’ But they would say it to us over email, which kind of illustrated our point.” —Danielle Weisberg
  14. “E-newsletters meet readers where they are — their inboxes —

    rather than having to compete for terrain in the thick, steamy jungle of the internet.” —Noreen Malone
  15. 2x That’s how much likelier people are to subscribe to

    the New York Times if they receive one of the paper’s e-newsletters.
  16. MYTH If it worked on Instagram, then it’ll work on

    Pinterest. REALITY Each medium attracts a different audience and rewards different content.
  17. MYTH Tweeting the same article repeatedly is redundant and annoying.

    REALITY Each Tweet reaches only a fraction of your followers. The rewards of repetition outweigh the risks.
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