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Intro to Java development with Quarkus at Belgian JUG

Intro to Java development with Quarkus at Belgian JUG

Java is a great programming language, however 'traditional' Java isn't so great to work with when it comes to modern, Cloud Native development. Quarkus is a (fairly) new Java stack that addresses issues such as the typical slow startup time and rather large memory usage that hinder the adoption of Java in container and/or Serverless workloads. Quarkus is not just useful for optimizing resource usage though. There is also a big focus on improving the developer experience.

In this session we'll demonstrate how Quarkus is very easy to work with and allows developers to work with containers and external dependencies such as databases, Kafka clusters, Kubernetes etc without being experts in any of these technologies. After this session, the audience should come away with inspiration to build modern Cloud Native applications with Java, and have fun doing so!

Kevin Dubois

January 24, 2023

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  1. @kevindubois

  2. @kevindubois Kevin Dubois Who’s on stage today? 🤘 Principal Developer

    Advocate at Red Hat 🤘 18+ years professional software development experience 🤘 Speak English, Dutch, French, Italian 🤘 Passionate about Dev Experience & Open Source @[email protected] youtube.com/@thekevindubois linkedin.com/in/kevindubois
  3. @kevindubois 3 “Traditional Java”

  4. @kevindubois Java Designed For a Different Time Traditional • Throughput

    at the expense of footprint • Long running at expense of startup speed • Rich, dynamic behaviour for mutable systems Cloud Native • Throughput solved by scaling • Ephemeral, immutable systems • Footprint and performance matter
  5. @kevindubois The Warmup Issue with Java https://youtu.be/bWmuqh6wHgE (first 13 minutes)

  6. @kevindubois JVM Scaling on Kubernetes

  7. @kevindubois 7 Cloud Native Java Stack + Containers “Lufthansa Technik

    AVIATAR experiences significant cloud resources savings by moving to Kubernetes-native Quarkus” - Quarkus.io Container Platform K8s Node EAP, WAS Liberty or Spring Boot EAP, WAS Liberty or Spring Boot EAP, WAS Liberty or Spring Boot EAP, WAS Liberty or Spring Boot K8s Node NodeJS NodeJS NodeJS NodeJS NodeJS NodeJS NodeJS K8s Node Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go K8s Node Quarkus on JVM Quarkus on JVM Quarkus on JVM Quarkus on JVM Quarkus on JVM Quarkus on JVM Quarkus on JVM K8s Node Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native Quarkus Native “We could run 3 times denser deployments without sacrificing availability and response times of services”
  8. @kevindubois Build Time Runtime Packaging (maven, etc) gradle…) Load config

    file from file system Parse it Classpath scanning to find annotated classes Attempt to load class to enable/disable features Build its model of the world. Start the management (thread, pool…) @ @ </> How Does a Framework Start?
  9. @kevindubois Build Time Runtime @ @ </> The Quarkus Way

    Runtime Build Time @ @ </> Package model Build Time Runtime @ @ </>
  10. @kevindubois The Quarkus Way enables Native Compilation JVM Build Time

    @ @ </> Package model Native
  11. @kevindubois Unification of Imperative & Reactive Unification of Imperative and

  12. @kevindubois 🤘 Based on standards 🤘 Developer productivity ◦ Zero-config

    Live coding ◦ Developer services ◦ Continuous testing ◦ Dev UI ◦ CLI 🤘 Streamlined for the 80% common usages, flexible for the rest 🤘 No hassle native executable generation Enhancing Developer Joy https://quarkus.io/developer-joy
  13. @kevindubois IT’S STILL JAVA!

  14. @kevindubois 🤘 Red Hat sits on the GraalVM advisory board

    🤘 Red Hat contributes to GraalVM ◦ Debugging support ◦ ARM support ◦ Java Flight Recorder 🤘 Quarkus is part of the GraalVM test suite Native Compilation
  15. @kevindubois 🤘 Mandrel: direct downstream distribution of GraalVM 🤘 Combines

    best of GraalVM + OpenJDK to offer native builds 🤘 Makes GraalVM easier to consume 🤘 Open Source licensing & maintenance 🤘 Consumes patches & CVEs from OpenJDK 🤘 Near drop-in replacement for GraalVM 🤘 Focused on native compilation for Java only 🤘 No change for user experience with Quarkus 🤘 No need to pay Oracle for support Native Compilation with Mandrel
  16. @kevindubois AOT/Native-image vs VM mode

  17. @kevindubois Command Line Job Github App Cloud / Container Native

    Serverless & Functions Micro services EDA Kube Operator Traditional Apps CRUD Monoliths GitHub Actions Admin Tools Reactive Systems
  18. @kevindubois Jam Time!

  19. @kevindubois

  20. @kevindubois

  21. @kevindubois https://github.com/kdubois/CamelQuarkusVoter Camel Quarkus Voter App

  22. @kevindubois 22 Quarkus Performance

  23. @kevindubois Quarkus IDC Lab Validation https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/key-findings-idc-red-hat-quarkus-lab-validation

  24. @kevindubois https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/#section=data-r21&test=db&f=zijunz-zik0zj-zik0zj-zik0zj-zik0zj-zik0zj-zik0zj-v2qiv3-xamxa7-zik0zj-zik0zj-zik0zj-zik0zj-35r https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/key-findings-idc-red-hat-quarkus-lab-validation https://www.reddit.com/r/java/comments/o0ewar/do_quarkus_performance_benefits_scale 24

  25. @kevindubois The importance of density JVM Quarkus Spring Boot Ratio

    (Quarkus / SB) Framework version 2.7.5.ER4 2.6.3 Build time (s) 6.69 17.65 37.92% Av. RSS after startup (MB) 506.56 913.01 55.48% Av. time to 1st req (ms) 2,287.67 4,653.67 49.16% Av. RSS after 1st req (MB) 534.49 973.8 54.89% Av. throughput (req/sec) 28,904.46 10,758.41 268.67% Av. RSS for max throughput (MB) 1,933.16 2,578.3 74.98% Max throughput density (req/sec/MB) 14.97 4.54 329.8% Native Quarkus Spring Boot Ratio (Quarkus / SB) Framework version 2.7.5.ER4 2.6.3 Build time (s) 89.25 213.78 41.75% Av. RSS after startup (MB) 58.3 160.17 36.4% Av. time to 1st req (ms) 37.33 175.33 21.29% Av. RSS after 1st req (MB) 63.79 167.4 38.1% Av. throughput (req/sec) 21,683.95 9,045.15 239.73% Av. RSS for max throughput (MB) 413.63 599.89 68.95% Max throughput density (req/sec/MB) 53.73 15.13 355.19% Some real numbers (8 cores, 12GB RAM, GraalVM 21.3.0.r11)
  26. @kevindubois https://twitter.com/mraible/status/1585225154094764034 https://github.com/oktadev/native-java-examples/pull/54 Don’t take my word for it!

  27. @kevindubois https://www.redhat.com/en/resources/greener-java-applications-detail (published 11/14/22) https://hollycummins.com/writing-greener-java-applications Setup / Assumptions 🤘 AWS

    (us-east-1) 🤘 SLA > 99% 🤘 800 req/sec over 20 days 🤘 50% load The Cost / Carbon Impact
  28. @kevindubois 28 Additional Resources

  29. @kevindubois https://github.com/quarkusio/quarkus-super-heroes Quarkus Superheroes

  30. @kevindubois “We went from 1 min startup times to 400

    ms.” RH Press Release Community “We became increasingly worried about resource consumption that Spring Boot was having while being deployed on the Kubernetes cluster… It became increasingly cumbersome to find ways to circumvent the methodology we were using just to squeeze every little bit of performance out of Spring Boot” - Christos Sotiriou DXL Backend Chapter Lead, Vodafone Greece Information Week Community “We could run 3x denser deployments without sacrificing availability and response times of service.” “Quarkus is close to what our developers are already doing with Spring and it’s familiar to them. This is a big benefit” Community “Before we introduced Quarkus, many of our customers had started to look at alternative stacks like Go and node.js to improve performance and efficiency. These customers were weary of selecting a new language and having to hire new developers or retrain their existing Java developers.” - Arijit Mazumdar “There was a low learning curve with Quarkus. It took one of our developers one week to get up to speed on Quarkus and another week to migrate a Spring application to Quarkus.” - Arijit Mazumdar “Quarkus and the Spring API compatibility reduced the migration time and complexity which is critically important for our customers.” - Arijit Mazumdar Community Orgs experiencing Quarkus Joy https://quarkus.io/blog/tag/user-story
  31. @kevindubois Orgs experiencing Quarkus Joy “using Spring with AWS Lambda

    would have been prohibitive because the startup time of Spring in AWS Lambda is too big from my research” - Dennis Baerten “As costs increase, this is when the benefit of using Quarkus will be experienced due to its more efficient use of cloud resources and fast startup time compared to plain Java and Spring Boot” - Dennis Baerten “It took me about 3 days to get familiar with the Quarkus stack” - Dennis Berten, Spring Developer Blog “Some of Payair’s developers had mainly Spring experience, we were concerned that it would be difficult for them to “switch sides”. It turned out that our fear of the unknown was completely unfounded. Quarkus leverages some good old Jakarta EE standards that all Java developers are familiar with. We did not have to learn a bunch of new APIs.” - Hubert Lewandowski “As a long term Spring developer I realized that Spring is slowly becoming the very thing it swore to destroy. The initial premises of Spring (which basically can be summed up as a lightweight alternative to Jakarta EE) are way past the expiry date now. Spring is the undisputed heavyweight champion that can handle everything you imagine but is not your best option for fast and light services. And that applies to Spring Boot as well. - Hubert Lewandowski Blog “When you adopt Quarkus, you will be productive from day one since you don’t really need to learn new technologies.” -TalkDesk Blog “After deploying, we found that Quarkus used about 15% of the CPU, 12% of the memory compared to Spring Boot. So far, we are sticking with Quarkus!” - Sam Dacanay, Lead Software Engineer Blog https://quarkus.io/blog/tag/user-story
  32. @kevindubois Had a good time? let everyone know! @kevindubois #quarkusrocks

    Want to know more? Links are in the jam doc below Web quarkus.io Talk quarkus.io/community Twitter @quarkusio More developers.redhat.com dn.dev/quarkus-tutorial
  33. @kevindubois • Showcase & explain Quarkus, how it enables modern

    Java development & the Kubernetes-native experience • Introduce familiar Spring concepts, constructs, & conventions and how they map to Quarkus • Equivalent code examples between Quarkus and Spring as well as emphasis on testing patterns & practices • Chapters devoted to ◦ Why the need for Quarkus in the first place? ◦ Getting started ◦ RESTful applications ◦ Persistence ◦ Event-driven services ◦ Cloud environments, containers, and Kubernetes https://red.ht/quarkus-spring-devs
  34. @kevindubois Thank You!