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Early Learning Alliance External Communications Overview

Early Learning Alliance External Communications Overview

Update on planning, messaging and next steps for the Early Learning Alliance governance consortium.


Kelli Matthews

August 08, 2014


  1. Warning: This update contains an extreme use of gratuitous pictures

    of my cute kids (and maybe some friends’ kids, too). External Communications Update E A R LY L E A R N I N G A L L I A N C E
  2. What we’re doing: • Planning • Visual Identity • Website

    • Media Relations • Some mix of: photography and videography • Stakeholder Communications • Collateral
  3. Where we’re starting: K E Y M E S S

    AG E S + TA L K I N G P O I N T S Values-Based Claims What do we stand for? ! + ! Proof Points Data, evidence, specific programs and initiatives ! + ! Examples Stories, Illustrations and Anecdotes
  4. How we started: B R A I N STO R

    M I N G : W H AT ’ S M O ST I M P O R TA N T TO … ? Early Learning Alliance Early Learning Agencies and Providers Other Funders Health Care Providers Parents Schools
  5. • Opportunities for kids • Respected and recognized as parents

    • Cross-sector coordination • Clarity on accountability and authority • Shared vision and alignment • Engaging parents, kids, community in a different way • Solution seekers • Goal-focused • Ability to integrate services • Knowledge and understanding of resources T H E M O S T I M P O R TA N T O F T H E M O S T I M P O R TA N T …
  6. I N I T I A L R E S

    U LT S Claim: We respect & recognize the role of parents and families in their children’s success. Proof points: Examples:
  7. I N I T I A L R E S

    U LT S Claim: We create new opportunities and leverage existing opportunities for children. Proof points: Examples:
  8. I N I T I A L R E S

    U LT S Claim: We are clear in our aim, focus on outcomes and measure our results. Proof points: Examples:
  9. I N I T I A L R E S

    U LT S Claim: We seek solutions that engage parents, kids and communities differently. Proof points: Examples:
  10. I N I T I A L R E S

    U LT S Claim: We collaborate across sectors, integrating services for all kids and especially those with highest need. Proof points: Examples:
  11. Next Steps Visual Identity Communication Planning Website and Collateral Development

  12. None