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Week Six Slides

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October 02, 2014

Week Six Slides



October 02, 2014


  1. Today’s timeline ❖ Review audio assignments - 20 min ❖

    Beat assignments + Midterm discussion - 30 min ❖ What makes a good audio slideshow - 20 min ❖ Build an audio slideshow - 30 min ❖ Discussion w Caroline - 20 min
  2. Let’s listen to our audio profiles ! http://ascjweb.com/309-10-14/2014/10/02/ audio-from-you/

  3. All your tip sheets: ! http://bit.ly/J309tipsheets14

  4. Beats Katie: History Dale: Business Caroline: Community Service Katherine: Transportation

    Emily: Education Alex: Ethnic boundaries Margaret: Health Tanya: Arts+education Madison: Immigration Max: Public Safety Kevin: Food ! MISSING: Crime, Environment, Technology,…
  5. OK, let’s talk midterms. DUE: Thursday, October 16. 7:00 a.m.

    (Post the link as a post on the blog)
  6. Multimedia / Story Package 1 MIDTERM 600 to 800 words

    and one "in-their-own- words" audio slideshow (two minutes long, minimal narration and must have captions). Both must relate to your beat and located within our section of the map. ! Confirm your story by Oct 8 at noon via email. More details: http://phuongbu.ascjweb.org/ DUE: Thursday, October 16. 7:00 a.m. (Post the link as a post on the blog)
  7. Audio Slideshows 101 
 Focusing on SoundSlides Plus Downloads: soundslides.com

    | http://bit.ly/ss_elements
  8. Discussion Caroline…..all yours.

  9. ❖ Takes the intimacy of an audio story and merges

    it with the power of photography. What is an audio slideshow ❖ Consciously editing them together (the pacing, the occasional movement, the pairing) creates a powerful experience. ❖ What makes this different from video? It typically offers better image quality and more user controls. ❖ Captions give the viewer/listener the ability to experience the story on a different level. It can say things you could not achieve through images or sound, especially background/ contextual information. ❖ An audio slideshow is perhaps the easiest, more affordable – in both time and resources – type of multimedia one can do. ❖ It is scalable in both a deadline driven situation or a longer- term project.
  10. ..with moving video, the viewers eye is centered – broadly,

    locked to the framing of the video camera. With still images, the eye roams. It stops and moves and stops and moves. Frozen gestures and expressions kick off a cognitive process – thinking – that moving images simply never do.
 Something similar is true of good audio. The best audio blends reportage (‘being me, being here’) with the kind of aural cues that make audiences think and wander off down their own pathways while still engaging with the sound.
 Put the two together – great audio documentary and great still images – and you have something that is potentially MORE than great storytelling.˝ Benjamin Charleston
  11. Let’s see/hear examples!

  12. digitalcuentos.com | Faith http://missionlocal.org/2009/05/faith/

  13. A surgeon in Somalia | BBC

  14. Hidden L.A. | The Secret Table http://ascjweb.org/309/21111/hcoplen/hiddenla/frontpage.html

  15. New York Times Magazine | The Fallen http://www.nytimes.com/packages/html/magazine/ 20080601_RFKTRAIN_FEATURE/

  16. LA Times | Waiting for Death http://www.latimes.com/local/ed_shneidmanff_ss-htmlstory.html

  17. Suburban junkies | CIR (Another good one from Carrie)

  18. ❖ Takes full advantage of audio, with present ambient sound

    and quality character voices. What makes a good audio slideshow? ❖ Takes full advantage of photos, with creative, engaging, informational images. ❖ It takes advantage of both base mediums and merges then together. They complement each other. ❖ Has the correct pacing and correct length. ❖ Works well with and without captions. ❖ Conscious editing. Reason for every pairing. ❖ Selective movement. ❖How can you make it great? Title and credit slides.
  19. Let’s put one together in SoundSlides Plus Downloads: soundslides.com |

  20. SoundSlides Resources ❖ Mindy McAdams' SoundSlides tutorial
 http://www.jtoolkit.com/photojournalism/ssphoto2.html ❖

    Video tutorial for SoundSlides Plus
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-fWS7JNcrc ❖ KDMC’s SoundSlides tutorial
 http://multimedia.journalism.berkeley.edu/tutorials/using-soundslides/ ❖ How to make your audio slideshows better
 http://masteringmultimedia.wordpress.com/2008/02/20/how-to-make- your-audio-slideshows-better/ ❖ What makes a good audio slideshow
 http://themultimediajournalist.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/what-makes- a-good-audio-slideshow-the-dos-and-donts/

  21. Head to our neighborhood to find, record and photograph a

    piece. Must include a human, ambient sound, captions and minimal narration. It’s OK to use audio/ photos from your last assignment. Length 1:30 Upload/FTP the renamed folder to your ascjweb.org server. Post the link in the blog. ASSIGNMENT: Audio slideshow
 relating to your beat Deadline: Wednesday, Oct. 8, 5 pm
  22. http://bit.ly/j3092014map Stories along the Gold Line

  23. Our Area: Maravilla Station The rules NO friends NO family

    NO USC