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Setting up your profile

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November 21, 2013

Setting up your profile



November 21, 2013


  1. Today’s timeline ❖ Checking in on your finals… ❖ Discussion

    with Roonhee (20 min) ❖ Setting up your online brand (90 min) ❖ Next week’s class
  2. But first, how are your final projects going?

  3. Discussion… ! with Roonhee

  4. Setting up your
 online brand Domain, server, CMS and design

  5. What you [typically] need ❖ Domain name: The address to

    find your “stuff”˝ ❖ Web host: The place that holds your “stuff” ˝ ❖ Content Management system: The tool that organizes your “stuff”˝ ❖ Design/Theme: The branding/look/feel of your “stuff” Inventory check: What do you have? What do you want to do today?
  6. But there are options!

  7. None
  8. Own it yourself?

  9. Own it yourself? ❖ Domain name:˝ ❖ Web host:˝ ❖ Content Management system:˝ ❖ Design/Theme: Google “wordpress themes”
  10. Our Class Project Name

  11. Bring what you’ve accomplished (hopefully most!) of your final package

    to class next week. We’ll review them with your partner, and conduct a review session. ASSIGNMENT: Peer Review December 5 I’ll also be there to help or have questions.