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Setting up your profile

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November 21, 2013

Setting up your profile



November 21, 2013


  1. Today’s timeline ❖ Checking in on your finals… ❖ Discussion

    with Roonhee (20 min) ❖ Setting up your online brand (90 min) ❖ Next week’s class
  2. But first, how are your final projects going?

  3. Discussion… ! with Roonhee

  4. Setting up your
 online brand Domain, server, CMS and design

  5. What you [typically] need ❖ Domain name: The address to

    find your “stuff”˝ ❖ Web host: The place that holds your “stuff” ˝ ❖ Content Management system: The tool that organizes your “stuff”˝ ❖ Design/Theme: The branding/look/feel of your “stuff” Inventory check: What do you have? What do you want to do today?
  6. But there are options!

  7. None
  8. Own it yourself?

  9. Own it yourself? ❖ Domain name: namecheap.com˝ ❖ Web host:

    dreamhost.com˝ ❖ Content Management system: wordpress.org˝ ❖ Design/Theme: Google “wordpress themes”
  10. Our Class Project Name http://storiesbetweenstops.ascjweb.org

  11. Bring what you’ve accomplished (hopefully most!) of your final package

    to class next week. We’ll review them with your partner, and conduct a review session. ASSIGNMENT: Peer Review December 5 I’ll also be there to help or have questions.