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On the way to making React components more reusable

On the way to making React components more reusable

Olena Sovyn

October 06, 2017

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  1. 8IZTUPSZCPPLBQQSPBDI - make us think about the components like totally

    independent parts of the app - make something the first source of truth, a dictionary for our modular UI - give your component place where they can leave - possibility to test UI separately from the complex behaviour - deeper understanding from the box what state should be handled on the component level and what should go to Flux/Redux
  2. (PPEUIJOHTUPSFNFNCFS - don’t build functionality of the components that is

    not currently used in the app - don’t rely on the default styles that are in the components library (storybook etc.)
  3. &YQPTVSFXIBUQSPQT TIPVMECFQBTTFE - add PropTypes for our components - flowtype

    - auto-complete in the IDE - check how component is used in the stories in the storybook - documentation - make the tools generate documentation for you: - “addon-info” in the storybook - react styleguidist - build-in + JSDoc comment blocks
  4. 8IBUJG first project has styles in *.scss, and second has

    in *.less? - CSS-in-JS - CSS-Modules + export styles in *.css from component library and include them directly in the apps
  5. 8IBUJG we want to make the components library as totally

    separate project? - publish library as a package in the npm (private or public) - include library in the package.json using GitHub link - make the library sub-module of one of the applications
  6. )0$FYBNQMFT - connect in the react-redux - reduxForm in the

    redux-form - all API functions in the recompose - Loadable in the react-loadable - and many-many others
  7. Mixins Are Dead. Long Live Composition. Dan Abramov https://medium.com/@dan_abramov/mixins-are-dead-long-live-higher-order- components-94a0d2f9e750

    Enter Higher-Order Components I first learned about this pattern from a gist by Sebastian Markbåge. The gist is a little bit cryptic if you’re not yet fully comfortable with ES6 syntax ”