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DroidKaigi 2018 iOS appのApple審査が通るまで

September 02, 2018

DroidKaigi 2018 iOS appのApple審査が通るまで

https://iosdc.jp/2018/ でLTした内容です。


September 02, 2018

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  1. "As I said many times, this app should be released

    by the conference day, 8th Feb (Tomorrow!) I asked you to review asap. Can you finish today? I hope your quick review seriously. Thanks.” ʮԿ౓͔ݴͬͯΔ͚Ͳ DroidKaigi (໌೔ʂ) ʹؒʹ ߹Θ͍ͤͨΜͩΑɻࠓ೔தʹ ऴΘΔͷʁϚδͰཔΉʯ
  2. DroidKaigiͰͷFlutterͷൃද ʹ͍ͭͯ͸ͪ͜Β • FlutterͰDroidKaigi 2018 ͷiOSΞϓϦΛ࡞Γ ·ͨ͠
 http://konifar.hatenablog.com/entry/2018/02/01/ 015601 •

    DroidKaigi 2018 Ͱൃදͨ͠FlutterΞϓϦͷ ࿩ͷεϥΠυิ଍
 http://konifar.hatenablog.com/entry/2018/02/11/ 081031