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RESTful Web API 読書会 #1

RESTful Web API 読書会 #1

Akihito Koriyama

October 17, 2019

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  1. • RESTful imperfections • Latency, Coupling, or Short life •

    A word on GraphQL, RPC • Post-REST: • Messaging and Eventing • Orchestration ] • Persistent connections • Brave New World! ·
  2. A word on RPC · By which, these days, I

    guess I must mean gRPC. I dunno, I’m old enough that I saw generation after generation of RPC frameworks fail miserably; brittle, requiring lots of configuration, and failing to deliver the anticipated performance wins. Smells like making RESTful APIs more tightly coupled, to me, and it’s hard to see that as a win. But I could be wrong. ¶
  3. Brave New World! · REST still provides a good clean

    way to decompose complicated problems, and its extreme simplicity and resilience will mean that if you want to design networked apps, you’re still going to have to learn that way of thinking about things.