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Agile Practices

Agile Practices


James Hughes

June 24, 2012

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  1. Agile Practices Behind the Bullsh.. ugh... Buzzwords

  2. History Snore!

  3. None
  4. Individuals & Interactions Processes & Tools Working software Comprehensive Documentation

    Customer collaboration Contract Negotiation Responding to change Following a plan
  5. The Penny Game

  6. Buzzword Bingo

  7. Eliminate waste Amplify learning Decide as late as possible Deliver

    as fast as possible Empower the team Build integrity in See the whole Lean
  8. Feature Card As a student I want to be able

    to understand what all the fuss around agile is about. 10
  9. Feature Card Acceptance Criteria / Definition of Done - Understand

    history - Understand the terms
  10. Planning Poker P g i r

  11. Kanban Board TODO (-) DOING (2) DONE (-)

  12. XP Simplicity Communication Feedback Respect Courage

  13. Technical Debt W

  14. TDD Red Green Refactor

  15. Pair Programming

  16. Scrum

  17. Scrum Roles Product Owner Scrum Master The Team

  18. Sprints I

  19. Velocity Iteration Velocity

  20. Burndown Time/Iteration Story Points

  21. Standups

  22. z y Retrospectives

  23. Reality Check! Agile in the Real World