Activities in the Wild: Exploring the Activity Lifecycle (360|AnDev, July 2016)

Activities in the Wild: Exploring the Activity Lifecycle (360|AnDev, July 2016)

[Check out the video of this presentation from 360AnDev 2016:]

Running, or paused, or stopped, or destroyed? Oh my! As Android developers we have little control over what state our activities are in. But we do have the ability to hook into transitions between these states to respond appropriately and ensure a pleasant user experience.

Through concrete examples you will learn how the creation and destruction of your activity instances relate to what the user is doing, as well as to what the system is doing. We will explore how state is persisted (or not) in these various scenarios and also explore some little known facts about what happens to your activity in low memory situations.

Finally, we will discuss how knowing when these transitions happen has helped me deal with tricky situations, like continuing video playback while the user interacts with a full-screen overlay.


Kristin Marsicano

July 28, 2016