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Building a Life with WordPress (Wordcamp)

E28c2733db2ca1e63933aabc77ad33ca?s=47 Kronda Adair
October 22, 2015

Building a Life with WordPress (Wordcamp)

Are you a WordPress freelancer who’s not quite living the dream you had in mind when you started? Are you working long hours making small sites for too little money? In the past year, I’ve studied with some of the most successful entrepreneurs both in and out of the WordPress ecosystem. I’ll share the cliff notes on everything I’ve learned that can help you transform your business and start doing higher value work for better clients to build the life you want. Come learn how to get off the freelance roller coaster by giving your customers what they need instead of just what they’re asking for.


Kronda Adair

October 22, 2015


  1. Building  a  Life  with   WordPress Kronda  Adair   (Kuh

     rawn  duh) @karveldigital karveldigital.com
  2. Hashtag:   #wpfreedom

  3. Slides karvel.me/wcpdx

  4. Photo  credit:  Mirko  Velimirovic  |  The  Noun  Project Freelancing  can

     feel  like… being  out  at  sea  with  no  direcOon
  5. What  is  your  Mindset?

  6. CommodiOes   vs   Value  Driven  Mindset

  7. Commodity:  Making  websites WordPress   Woocommerce   Pages  /  blogs

      Plugins  /  widgets  
  8. Value:  CreaOng  Online   Business Goals   Strategies   TacOcs

      Leads,  customers,  donors  
  9. The  Lean  Canvas  Model What  problem  are  you  solving?  

    Who  is  your  target  customer?
 What  is  your  UVP?     (Unique  Value  ProposiOon)  
  10. The  Lean  Canvas  Model Define  your  soluOon   Choose  your

     channel   Figure  out  your  revenue  /  cost  model  
  11. What  do  you  do? Web  Designer   Web  Developer  

    I  make  websites  
  12. What  do  you  do? I  help  businesses  get  more  

    customers  online  without  being   overwhelmed  by  technology.
  13. The  Lean  Canvas  Worksheet Download  the  Lean  Canvas  Worksheet:  Print

     |    Google  Doc
  14. The  InteracOon  Model RelaOonships  =  InteracOons  /  Time  

  15. InteracOon  1: Cold  Calls  (  5  min  )    

  16. InteracOon  2: Qualifying  (  15-­‐20  min  )    

  17. InteracOon  3-­‐6: Discovery  (  45-­‐90  min  )     1.

    Client’s  business   2. Client’s  Ideal  Customer   3. Market  &  CompeOOon   4. Strategy  &  TacOcs  
  18. Present  Your  SoluOon   (  In  person!!!)   1  -­‐2

     hours   Photo  credit:  Lorena  Salagre  |  The  Noun  Project

  20. Present  Your  Proposal   (  Also  in  person)   1

     -­‐2  hours  
  21. Bonus:  The  AnO-­‐follow  Up   (  The  Value  Drip  )

  22. Secrets  of  the  InteracOon   Model: Become  selecOve  about  who

     you  work  with   Never  leave  a  meeOng  without  scheduling  your   next  interacOon   Never  email  a  proposal  
  23. Everything  in  this  talk  I   learned  from: Brent  Weaver

     |  ugurus.com  10k  Bootcamp   Troy  Dean  |  wpelevaOon.com   Brennan  Dunn  |  doubleyourfreelancing.com   hlp://karvel.me/everything-­‐i-­‐know
  24. THANKS! @karveldigital karveldigital.com