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Planning a Successful WordPress Site

Planning a Successful WordPress Site

Presented in the business lightening talk session at Wordcamp Seattle 2014.

A blueprint for investing your time and money wisely to end up with a site you love that is also useful, effective and easy to manage. I’ll talk about finding a good developer, asking the right questions, and what you as the site owner should be prepared to contribute.


Kronda Adair

June 28, 2014


  1. Planning  a  Successful     WordPress  Site Kronda  Adair  

    ! karveldigital.com @karveldigital
  2. Part  1:   So  you  think  you  need   a

     website.     ! Now  What?  
  3. If  your  website  was  an  employee,   what  would  its

     job  be?   •  Sell  stuff   •  promote  your  business   •  spread  your  ideas   •  build  community   •  write  about  your  chickens     •  because  everyone  else  has  one
  4. Business  Owners   •  Do  your  homework   •  Ask

     (and  answer)  the  right  quesNons   •  Get  help   •  Build  a  team
  5. What  do  you  want  to   say?   Ex:  I’m

     a  dog  trainer  and  I  want  to   educate  people  about  the  right   and  wrong  ways  to  train  your  dog   and  get  new  clients  for  my  puppy   classes
  6. When  is  launch  day? Goal:     I  want  a

     website.     ! SMART  GOAL:     I  will  launch  my  new  dog  training   website  by  May  15th,  2014  to  promote   summer  puppy  training  classes.   I  want  500  views  per  day  by  the  end  of   the  first  six  months.   Specific,  Measurable,  Achievable,  RealisNc,  Timely  
  7. Who  are  you  talking   to?   Imagine  your  audience:

     Age,   gender,  other  interests,  where  do   they  hang  out  online?     What  are  their  problems,  and  how   will  you  solve  them?
  8. $   $$   $$$   $$$$   $$$$$ What

     is  your  budget?
  9. Be  RealisNc Dream Budget? Does  your match  your

  10. Value  >  Cost

  11. The  least  expensive   website  is  the  one  that  

    is  done  well,  the  first   Nme.
  12. Strategies  for  ge`ng  a   good  site  on  a  budget

    •  WordPress.com   •  Premium  themes   •  Students     •  Bartering hap://jillmalone.com
  13. Domain  &  Web  HosNng hap://karvel.me/no-­‐daddy

  14. Ask  (developers)  for   RecommendaNons

  15. Domain  privacy Keep  your  address   off  the  internet.

  16. Part  2:     Assembling  Your  Team content  strategy  .

     copywriNng  .   design  .  development  .     project  management  
  17. What  is  the  most  important   quality  to  look  for

     when   hiring  your  web  team?  TRUST
  18. How  do  you  find  good   web  designers  &  

    developers? Use  your  network
  19. By  Steve  and  Sara  Emry  on  Flickr Part  3:  DESIGN

  20. Design  is: Visual   User  Experience  (Behavior)   Responsive  (adjusts

     to  devices)
  21. The  pixel  is  dead Consider  a  mobile  first   approach.

     Constraints  are   great  for  design!  
  22. None
  23. Planning Tech  spec Prototypes

  24. Part  3:  Build  it! Clear  Nmeline   Weekly  checkins  

      Centralized  place  for  project   informaNon
  25. Test  it! Review  content  for  spelling   and  grammar  

    Review  site  in  different   browsers  &  devices   Check  URL  structure
  26. Pre-­‐launch Setup  accounts   WordPress.com  (for  Jetpack)   Gravatar  

    Google  AnalyNcs   Site  backups
  27. Launch!  Baby  by  Wojciech  Zasina  from  The  Noun  Project

  28. Part  4:  Care  &  Feeding Promote  your  site   Feed

     your  site  fresh   content  regularly   Keep  your  site’s  code  up  to   date
  29. QuesNons ? Tweet  me:  @karveldigital