Stop Crying in the Bathroom & Start Your Own Business

Stop Crying in the Bathroom & Start Your Own Business

The tech industry has a ‘diversity problem’ and companies are courting women, people of color and other marginalized people as the pressure mounts to hire someone besides 24-year-old cis, straight white male programmers.

However, for many marginalized people, working in startups, agencies, and large tech companies can be a miserable, demoralizing experience that literally results in crying in the bathroom.

There’s more to life than startups, Facebook, Google or Twitter. Come hear ideas for making your own path in the tech industry, without compromising your dignity or your mental health.

I will share my story of being fired for ‘culture fit’ and going on to start my own freelance business and share specific steps for other people who want to do the same thing.


Kronda Adair

June 24, 2014