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Building a Life with WordPress (Open Source Bridge)

Building a Life with WordPress (Open Source Bridge)

WordPress powers 25% of the internet. It’s a mature open source platform that allows developers and non-coders alike to create websites from the very basic to the dizzyingly complex.

At Portland Wordcamp 2015, I gave a version of this talk targeted towards developers, designers and people who make their living making websites for others. In this session, I will explore different ways for anyone to create and market their business online using WordPress.

Come prepared to talk about your current business or business idea and brainstorm how you can harness the power of the world’s most popular open source CMS to build the life you want.


Kronda Adair

June 22, 2016


  1. Building a Life with WordPress Kronda Adair  (Kuh rawn

    duh) @karveldigital karveldigital.com
  2. INTROS Name Why are you here? Tech / WordPress experience

  3. Mindset Do you feel guilty about charging for your work

    or knowledge?
  4. Understand Your Value

  5. I help [target audience] do / get [benefit] 

  6. Build RelaSonships (Lifers)

  7. Lean Canvas karvel.me/kd-lean-canvas

  8. Get Organized

  9. Online Business Tech Stack

  10. Online Business Tech Stack • Hover (Domain Registrar) • WordPress.org

    or WordPress.com • Flywheel (HosSng) • 1Password.com (Password management / security • AcSve Campaign (Email Service Provider)
  11. My EssenSal WordPress Tools karvel.me/kd-wp-tools

  12. Commitment

  13. THANKS! @karveldigital karveldigital.com