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Flankでテストを爆速にする / Make your CI build faster using Flank

Flankでテストを爆速にする / Make your CI build faster using Flank

Masatoshi Kubode

January 28, 2019

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  1. YAMLΛ࡞Δ ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. # flank.yml gcloud: project: XXXX type:

    instrumentation app: path/to/apk test: path/to/test/apk device: - model: Nexus6P version: 27 locale: ja_JP orientation: portrait timeout: 10m use-orchestrator: false flank: testShards: 16
  2. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Fastfileͷฤू # in our test lane sh("wget

    --quiet #{flank_jar_url} -O ./flank.jar") begin sh("java -jar ./flank.jar android run") ensure # Deploy test results to Bitrise if deploy_dir FileUtils.cp_r( Dir.glob("./results/**/*").select {|f| File.file?(f)}, deploy_dir ) end end ςετ݁ՌΛBitrise্Ͱ͙͢ݟΕΔ
  3. ൺֱ ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. Time Cost (Virtual device[1$/1hour]) Before(gcloud) 18min

    $0.30(Billable min: 18) Flank(shard=8, orchestrator✅) 18min $0.75(Billable min: 45) Flank(shard=8) 10min $0.33(Billable min: 20) Flank(shard=16) 7min $0.42(Billable min: 25)
  4. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. w ςετγϟʔυ UFTU4IBSET ͕࠷଎ w ςετ਺ ෼ͷ՝ۚൃੜ

    w ฐࣾͷ৔߹ͷݸͳΒ w ࠷ॳ͸UFTU4IBSE'MBOLͳ͠Ͱͷ࣌ؒ ෼  w ίετΛݟͭͭUFTU4IBSEݮΒͯ͠ௐ੔ ௐ੔
  5. ©2018 Wantedly, Inc. w 'MBOL • https://github.com/TestArmada/flank w 'MBOLΛ஌ͬͨεϥΠυ •

    Bitrise keynote at DeNA's CICD Test Night #2 • https://www.slideshare.net/Bitrise/bitrise-keynote-at-denas-cicd-test-night-2 Link