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a venture builder,FACTORIUM.company profile.

a venture builder,FACTORIUM.company profile.

FACTORIUM is a data science venture builder, a meta-startup with successive ventures in JV, Startup Studio and SDGs.


  1. 1 Company Information 2020.04.08. Ver.4.21. Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All

    Rights Researved.
  2. FACTORIUM Founder Representative Director, FACTORIUM Inc. Representative Director of DATAFLUCT

    Corporation Representative Director, REPORU Co. JAXA J-SPARC Producer Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. 2 • Graduated from Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Engineering (Major in Mathematical Engineering) and Waseda University Graduate School of Commerce (Evening MBA) • After joining Benesse Corporation as a new graduate, he worked in CRM and direct marketing. Since then, he has created more than 15 new businesses in the areas of advertising, marriage activity, mental health, HR-TECH, and data business at Macromill Recruit Marketing Partners, Lawyers.com, and Nikkei Inc. • In 2018, he went independent and founded data science venture builder FACTORIUM, and in 2019, he founded DATAFLUCT, a data-as-a-service company. • In 2019, we acquired reporu, an OKR reporting tool for autonomous distributed teams. • He is currently involved in more than 10 digital business development projects in a wide range of industries, including space, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, real estate, materials, entertainment, fisheries, construction, retail, and information services. Hayato Kumemura
  3. Company Information Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. 3

    a venture builder specializing in the digital space. l Company name: FACTORIUM,inc. l Address: 1-4-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan l Established on August 1, 2018. l Capital: 1,000,000 yen l Banks: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mizuho Bank, Sumishin SBI Net Bank, Seibu Shinkin Bank l Main business activities. l DX Consulting Business l Advanced Technology (IoT/AI/XR) Contract Research and Development Laboratory l Venture Building Business (Joint Business Development) l Startup Studio Business l Startup investment business l Mergers and Acquisitions l Representative Director: Hayato Kumemura l Affiliated subsidiaries: DATAFLACTUCT, Inc. and REPORU, Inc.
  4. FACTORIUM & groups, On-Going Projects 2020.01. Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc.

    All Rights Researved. 4 会社 On-going Projects DX Consulting Consulting, advisory, and advisory contracts for new businesses and DX support for large companies, etc. DX support for non-digital industries such as finance, retail, manufacturing, food, and healthcare) IoT/AI Deeplearning and IoT contract development and Labo contract Development of niche AI services used in manufacturing and operations, explainable AI, etc. Venture Building Business(Joint business development) Collaborative business development program (18 months) with the premise of establishing a JV 1.A project to turn fishermen's intuition into AI 2.AI facility management Startup Studio Business(In-house development, M&A) Program to develop services for services that utilize advanced technology and aim for PMF (36-48 months) 1.Real-time whiteboard sharing service using AR/MR 2. Online communication analysis platform HR-Tech Business Services that support advanced ways of working through communication design.Reporting services (B to C) with OKR as the axis In-house SaaS(Startup Studio) Assemble and delegate business leaders on a part-time basis to develop multiple AI services 1. Store opening AI, 2. Food loss, 3. Service industry AI, 4. Alternative data AI, 5. AI satellite image analysis, 6. Agriculture x satellite, 7. Urban development x satellite application Data Platform Business Many companies provide partial technology, data, algorithms, analytics infrastructure, and data distribution infrastructure to take advantage of machine learning 1. Data utilization services specific to MaaS, 2. Dynamic pricing, 3. Route optimization, etc. Financed by equity. Financed by the Dead. M&A
  5. Our Client Works 主な実績 Confidential. Copyright(C) 2019 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights

    Researved. 5
  6. FACTORIUM Main business results Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights

    Researved. 6 10+ client DX projects running at any given time
  7. DX results by industry Confidential. Copyright(C) 2019 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights

    Researved. 7 We have been promoting digital transformation (new business and data utilization) mainly in the non- digital industry. Industry experience (knowledge) value proposition Corporate Planning and Development ü New Business Development ü Venture development ü Digital Transformation data science ü Machine learning (deep learning) ü Matching technology development ü DMP construction and operation ü human resource development × 1.space 2. Medical/Pharmaceut ical 3. trading company 4. Management support 5. Staffing 6. real estate information 7.Pachinko 8.Mobility 9.Apparel 10. beverage manufacturers 11. Real estate developer 12. golf 13. The Big Hand Diet 14. Food processing 15. Solar 16. entertainment 17. insurance 18. travel 19.Material 20.Healthcare 21. distribution retail 22. fishery 23. general contractor 23. Partner Card 24. side business 25. advertising agency 26. research 27. talent 28. marriage hunting 29. Used car 30.Law 31. newspapers 32. Automobile parts 33. Placemaking 34. Home appliance manufacturing 35.MaaS 36 . Medical Examination. 37. inn management 38. securities 39.SIer 40. forestry 41. food chain 42.fintech 43. agriculture 44. infant retailing 45. beverage manufacturer 46. urban development 47. Electricity 48. bulb 49. clothing 50. Industry- University Cooperative Ventures 51. civil release The contract must be for more than 3 months.
  8. Concept Business Concept Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved.

  9. Why did we start the company? The company was founded

    to serve as a new business development department for a Japanese company. For decades, Japanese companies have been losing because they have failed to tackle new businesses such as platform businesses and digital businesses. Many large companies have structural reasons for not being able to take it seriously. FACTORIUM exists to bring back the glory of Japanese companies that were originally strong by creating a weapon of digital data science. In other words, we will take risks and take on business ideas that are difficult for large companies to realize, such as technology (AI, blockchain, AR/VR/MR, IoT, etc.) and the creation of new value. I believe that by continuing to create globally competitive digital businesses with a sense of speed, Japanese companies will be able to regain their glory in the world. Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. 9
  10. Mission FOUND 100 Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved.

    10 Venture building specializing in the digital domain. 1. Continue to produce businesses of social significance 2. Creating a new way of working called "Entrepreneur In Residence". 3. Becoming a digital business creation infrastructure for Japanese companies Create 100 companies' worth of socially valuable digital businesses. Mission Our Approach
  11. Our Policy We value the process of embodying the "unshapeable

    motivation" and "conflict" that the individual envisions in the bottom of his or her heart as the energy of the activity. Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. 11 Art Thinking Design Thinking Business Strategy Asking questions from your own impulses, not from what someone else has told you. Make what humans want, not what they want to make. Charting a strategy that can deliver to the ends of the world
  12. Why Starting a New Business at a Large Company Won't

    Work (What I Learned from a 10-Year New Business Career) ü Those who succeed in existing businesses instinctively avoid risk because they are in the decision- making process. ü The lower the area of uncertainty, the smaller the scale and the less sense there is to do it. ü The bigger you get, the more you have to go through a multi-layered decision-making process. →There is a dilemma of not being able to enter a business area with high uncertainty. Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. 12 (1) The boss's job is to squash the potential (2) Bosses can't prioritize the customer experience (3) Bosses can't respect the individual. Uncertainty in the business cannot be explained to directors and supervisors Customer experience takes a backseat as business is prioritized from a short-term perspective You will not be able to value what you want to do (everyone will not want to do it) Bosses are destined to crush new businesses.
  13. What are the organizational flaws in large companies? 13 •

    To begin with, the president does not understand the nature of new trends (AI, digital, venture, etc.). • Departments (only boxes) are rising up with big words like "digital," "AI," and "open innovation. • Before the results are in, there will be an absence of responsibility due to the annual executive rattle pong transfer. Issues in the field (1) They don't know what theyʼre supposed to do No one knows everything about new business, digital and data science. (2) Unable to pass officer approval. A new department has been established, but we can't get a project through. Double punch of lack of competence in the field and lack of understanding on the part of officers (3) I don't know how to handle the data. They don't want to get close to the data anyway because they've never dealt with personal information Current Alternatives. (1) Call it an open innovation Launching a purposeless acceleration program or CVC (2) Order from inexperienced consultants and SIs Place an order with an inexperienced consultant for a new business just because he or she is a regular business partner (3) Establishment of a branch office in Silicon Valley I love to go on overseas tours more than I love to make things. Issues on the ground and measures to be taken (N=43) Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved.
  14. solution 14 There is no one in the company who

    can connect "business" and "use of new technology" in a single story. So, ”they can't get past my boss. Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. We chose to implement it together as an external business development specialist. This is an option that can reduce the risk of their failure.
  15. Concept:Digital Venture Builder Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved.

    15 A "digital trading company" that helps companies develop their digital businesses while continuing to launch startups Digital Venture Builder DX & AI/IoT/XR 1.Service development for non- digital industries 2.Advanced Technology Development 3.Start-up investment and M&A Data Science Business development based on data platforms Features of FACTORIUM 1.Speedy digital business development know-how 2.Experienced product development team 3. focus on the latest digital technology Remote Active Studio 1.okr & reporting & remote team management 2.3D Collaboration 3. Video Data Analysis
  16. Business Model: Venture Building/ Startup Studio Since creating new value

    from data is a fundamental business, we create Data Business by co-creating with Data Holder (or any company with assets that data can acquire). Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. 16 Deployment Phase Client or Partner Driven FACTORIUM Driven CEO Driven Co-creation Phase 100% Client 10-30% FACTORIUM 70-90% Partner -49% FACTORIUM -51% Partner 51-% FACTORIUM -49% Partner 90-100% FACTORIUM Entrusted (contracted) • AI and IoT development • New business development • Research and development support Project Case Joint Venture • Using our partners' data to use FACTO's data science technology EIR(Visiting Entrepreneur) • Using partner data and brands, FACTO develops and operates Venture Studio • Operated by FACTO and supported by partners (mainly business companies) Startup Building • Start-up without external investment; sell to Partner after PoC/PMF verification. Venture Building / Startup Studio Model
  17. Venture Building/Startup Studio Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved.

    17 Venture Building/StartupStudio is a new business creation scheme that brings together a wide variety of professionals and lowers the risk of failure. What distinguishes it from accelerators, incubators, and internal new business proposal systems is that the studio itself brings together professionals with a wide variety of skills to develop, nurture, and create new businesses "consecutively" and "simultaneously". Discovering the CEO of Yeshudriven Product Developme nt at Superstar Raising funds from companies ü Someone's vision is at the center. ü It's not about the organization. ü Develop only products that have a strong customer base in the real world. ü Full use of external professional personnel ü Startup Culture ü Capital that can commit to business growth ü Rapid growth through business alliances
  18. FACTORIUMのVenture Building Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. 18

    FACTORIUM Data Science Studio Project Project Clients Projects EXIT making it a subsidiary Founders (CEO) EIR/ Co-Founder IPO Project Project Project Project FACTORIUM took ownership of the project and conducted a proof of concept. Gathering autonomous professionals (entrepreneurs, engineers, UX/UI designers, data scientists) under one project. The company is established by raising funds from sponsors after the business feasibility is found through verification. Projects Projects Projects Projects Projects Projects Projects Company Company
  19. A business development method that creates its own opportunities Confidential.

    Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. 19 No matter how much we try to simulate the future, nothing is better than creating our own opportunities. Customer Needs/Pain Strengths Uncertainty (future) Give yourself a chance. be on the verge of an upswing established line Current Payne = too small for large corporations to make decisions. But if it's going to be big in the future, I'll do it. 1.現在 Payne of the future = on the upside of technological innovation. 2. Certain future scenarios 3. uncertain future Creating Pain Needs = Create from vision and solve boldly. Or, invention.
  20. FACTORIUM TEAM Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. 20

    FACTORIUM Empowerment Holocracy Management RULES Autonomous Decentralized Venture Builder data science start-up studio 5 teams. A 12-person system. 15 teams. A 30-person organization. For Remote Workers Reporting SaaS Established in January 2019. Sale of business in April 2019. Start a business in August 2018 100% investment (Acquisition through mergers and acquisitions) 70-80% investment. 1 team. A six-person system. 1. Treat them as professionals. 2. Decide on your own work based on OKR 3. Full remote, no obligation to come to work 4. All employees are subcontracted (no permanent employees) 5. Renewal of the contract every three months 6. Each person has a budget at his or her disposal (post-approval) 7. No organizational hierarchy (depending on authority scale) 8. We all work on new business development. 9. Regular 1-on-1 feedback 10. Automatic cancellation of contract if no answer is received
  21. Technical grounding Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. 21

    optimization technology Self-regulation techniques Mind-body bonding technology l Matching: A service that enables mathematical solutions to optimization problems such as recruitment, marriage hunting and dating l Personalization: AI services such as content and commerce recommendation l Big Data: Services that go from data analysis to providing solutions that go beyond analysis l Demand forecasting: dynamic pricing and digital SCM services l AI assistants: Interactive UX services such as chatbots and smart speakers l IoT: A service that solves personal problems with sensors and connectedness l Blockchain: a new economy service that leverages blockchain technology l VR, AR and MR: Services that Create New Value in B2B/B2B2C l 3D Avatar: A service that enables 3D mapping of real-life images into virtual space l BMI: Can be moved by the brain (digitalized brain waves) l Biohack: Senses can be transferred to a remote location (digitalization of the senses) l AGI: Leaving judgment to AI l Cognition and awareness: transfer of cognition and awareness to the virtual space l I'm considering it. 〜2020 2020〜2030 2030〜2050 The issues are narrowed down in the order of science, technology, and art.
  22. Our Strengths: Data Science Entrepreneurship Armed with rare abilities (mathematical

    problem solving and entrepreneurship), he drives projects with a high degree of uncertainty while involving many stakeholders. Confidential. Copyright(C) 2019 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. 22 Data Science Problem solving skills in mathematics Deployment Speedy implementation with a fabless development system Strategic Business Design Digital business development experience in multiple industries Focus all activities and resources on battlefields where strengths overlap ★ Our Strengths
  23. CASE1:WATATSUMI( A project to turn fishermen's intuition into AI )

    23 カツオ⼀本釣りにAI活⽤ 少ない漁獲でも採算 https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXMZO48554160U9A810C1LX0000/ The fishing industry is experiencing a shortage of people. Meanwhile, a veteran fisherman starts to get off the boat. There is no successor. This project converts the intuition of veteran fishermen into data, and uses edge computing to We are developing an AI that can determine fishing grounds on the spot. (Demonstration begins in 2020 and full-scale operations in 2024) Based on diary and satellite data for the past 20 years Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved.
  24. CASE2:BUILVO( AI in real estate management ) 24 Real estate

    management is an industry that has yet to make the most of IT. This project will not only make it possible to easily manage building data in the cloud through AI-OCR, but also to predict future cash flows and calculate real estate values through machine learning. AI-OCR for real estate business data Predicting the future of real estate values through machine learning DMP Building Data Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved.
  25. :REMOTE ACTIVE STDUIO Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved.

  26. 1] What is REPORU? We may be apart, but we

    have a strong team. The team, which includes many freelancers who can "become" a part of the team in terms of time, place, and expertise, has a common understanding of each other's goals and progress. Cloud software service that enables chat-based OKR progress reporting and business reporting for remote workers https://reporu.team/
  27. 2] Introduction of functions All of the following features are

    available at reporu for free (1) OKR setting (2) Update on progress 3) Report submission 4) Profile registration (5) Slack cooperation
  28. [3] Specific utilization cycle P C D A Enter the

    OKR set in MTG into the reporu Update your progress and submit a report OKR checks progress with MTG while viewing reports Lead to the next action.
  29. What is FLOAT BOARD An app that allows you to

    draw a whiteboard in the space you are in using AR technology.
  30. Position Information volume or interactive The number of participants Video

    conference workshop collaboration Online meeting tool of remote work Online Collaboration
  31. FUTURE VISION ホワイトボードプラットフォーム Drawer Depth Camera SmartPhone MR Device VR

    Device Viewer Online White Board App VR Device 3D Board Platform
  32. CASE3:DATAFLUCT a subsidiary company 32 Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All

    Rights Researved. Datalake & Alternative Data algorithm Busine ss Analys is food loss servic e mobilit y pricing satellit e image analysi s agricul ture urban develo pment Data Platform Data Science as a Service satellite imagery weather GPS IoT POS mobility JAXA venture Data Science as a Service We provide services that leverage data to solve various industry problems. Data Platform & Startup Studio A mechanism to continuously create SaaS around a data platform JAXA venture Certified as a JAXA Venture for the Last Mile of Satellite Big Data Utilization StartupStudio Comprehensive support for data collection, analysis, and utilization
  33. Business property review service based on AI market analysis 出店候補点

    乗⾞⼈数 ⼈流 環境 物件 競合店舗 既存店 reinforcement learning Sales estimation using deep learning
  34. A service for stock investors to forecast the performance of

    listed companies using alternative data αΠττοϓ ݸผ໏ฑτοϓ ۀ੷νϟʔτ
  35. AI-based satellite image search service It is now possible to

    "visualize, analyze, and suggest" information on an object that could not be understood by map information. 35 • By simply selecting the object to be searched from among the images, similar images can be easily detected in a wide area. • A function to detect, detect, and measure an object in a specific area. • It is possible to count the number of individuals by species and monitor the changes in time series. Instant Search detect & monitor
  36. For fruit and vegetable supply chain optimization Harvest forecasting service

    using satellite imagery and weather data Field management based on market prices and satellite images Forecasting by multiplying various data
  37. City planning services using satellite data to promote compact cities

    Comparison of data on the progression of sprawl in a specific area (urban sprawl) Visualization of 5-year sprawl indicators, population, and building floor space change rate data Visualizing the area of buildings against population decline and the degree of sprawl progress to identify urban void areas 4BUFMMJUFJNBHFSZ .BDIJOFMFBSOJOH "VUPNBUJD DMBTTJGJDBUJPO $FOTVTEBUB #VJMUVQ BSFBT 1PQVMBUJPO HSJET 4QBUJBMNPEFMJOH 6SCBOJ[BUJPO 4QBUJBMNPEFMJOH 6SCBO $FOUFST ※DATAFLUCTAline.には GHSが提供するGHS- SMOD1975,1990,2000,2015 年のデータを使用しています use case Examine new residential areas (urban sprawl) Survey of areas with low population density and threat of voids (vacant houses)
  38. A chatbot service to help automate work in the service

    industry 7 We're piecing together systems and chatbots. Each KPI monitoring is easy to do
  39. Store Supported AI Service" to minimize food loss and opportunity

    loss at the same time 7
  40. FACTORIUM Confidential. Copyright(C) 2018-2020 FACTORIUM,inc. All Rights Researved. 40