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Success stories of Finnish open education ecosystem - MindTrek 2018

Success stories of Finnish open education ecosystem - MindTrek 2018

Presented at MindTrek 2018 EdTech track


Jarkko Moilanen, PhD

October 11, 2018


  1. Success stories of Finnish open education ecosystem Jarkko Moilanen. Limited

    edition stories behind the success and what might be ahead A great education builds better lives and a better world Learner Rest of us
  2. Hello! I am Jarkko Moilanen, PhD Senior Advisor, Digitalization Strategy

    Ministry of Education and Culture Twitter: @kyyberi 2
  3. Success is not binary, it’s a scale and journey 3

    110% 0% Needs improvement Learn while advancing Good enough Awesome! Problem verified Failed! Clean up, Learn from it, Move on! 80% Love the problem, not the solution
  4. Gaining agility to respond to unpredictable future 4 EdTech Digitalization

  5. Content Build-in Pedagogy 4P - Public Private People Partnership EdTech

    innovation valley - Finland Technical interoperability 5
  6. Build-in Pedagogy Solution are build for purpose, ideas from teachers

    and students. Pedagogy always present, teachers and students involved 1
  7. Build-in Pedagogy Pedagogy via learner centric thinking is always present

    (including regulation) Tutor teachers - Peer network - Digital Guild (“Digikilta) 7 Teachers from 42 municipalities 700+ webinar minutes 10 live events
  8. 4P - Public, Private, People, Partnership Include all - our

    success requires joint effort 2
  9. 4P - Public, Private, People, Partnership Government intervention when needed

    (mostly regulation + cross-border) Global Demola Network (University students) Educraftor (K12 students) 9 Fertile ground for cooperation with companies Operations in 15 countries with 750 000 students who cooperate with 1000+ customers in 3500+ projects
  10. EdTech Innovation valley Finland as the EdTech innovation center. Test

    ground with more than 5 million people 3
  11. EdTech innovation valley EdTech AI driven platforms by Finnish companies

    such as Head.AI and Claned Group Aurora AI - national neural network for AI solutions - MVP 2/2019 xEdu EdTech accelerator - scaling in progress Kokoa Standard - Science based quality standard for learning solutions 11 Over 5 500 000 evaluators Received 600+ applications from 69 Countries Accelerated 47 companies
  12. Seamless ladder to success 12 Educraftor Global Demola Network xEdu

    Edtech accelerator 10-16 years old Pupils + teachers + companies + local schools 16+ years old Universities + companies + local schools startup startup growth Startup with product Investors Finnish 5 500 000 population as testbed Ideas from the users Co-created together Growth path to success Large testbed Thousands of schools Apps and services
  13. Technical interoperability Build common and shared understanding with de facto

    standards. Open source, standards and open development 4
  14. Technical interoperability No other choice not willing to build on

    top of one vendor. Wide variety of tools in use Educloud Alliance - technical round table for de facto standard in EdTech. Plug and play markets - build needed “proxies and hubs” to connect participants, Data must flow - APIs driven ecosystem rising 14
  15. 10,000+ teachers 200,000+ students From 6 to 16 years old

    100% Open source From around the country Identification service for continual learning Launched March 2018 80% Coverage this year (trend) mpass.fi Joint development with Estonia Plug and play integration step to national markets
  16. EdTech Valley 16 Artificial Intelligence Open society and ecosystem Top

    of the world pedagogy Global Innovation network To learn, innovate and grow in Finland 5G networks Continual learning 5M+ people testbed Vibrant startup culture
  17. 17 Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at ○

    @kyyberi ○ jarkko.moilanen@minedu.fi