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Building a Device Lab: Testing

Building a Device Lab: Testing

Lara Hogan

June 20, 2014

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  1. Testing

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  4. 0. set up an Adobe account with the device lab

     email address ! (save this password somewhere;  you’re gonna need it later.)
  5. 1. install the Adobe Edge Inspect app via Creative Cloud

    desktop app ! (yeah, you need them both. and it has to be running for everything else to work.)
  6. 2. install the  browser  extension ! (it’ll remind

    you to turn on the  application if you haven’t yet.)
  7. 3. install the app on  iOS, Android and 

    Kindle devices ! (right, it’s not on every operating system yet, and this is a great case for getting an MDM.)
  8. 4. enter the pin for  each device in the

    browser extension ! (you’ll have to upgrade to test on  multiple devices at once.) http://www.adobe.com/inspire/2012/12/web-designs-edge-inspect.html
  9. if you upgrade your account, you’ll want to reuse it

    on every laptop used for testing...
  10. which is why it’s great to keep one laptop in

    the lab for this express purpose.
  11. None
  12. save all the  screenshots at once! http://www.adobe.com/inspire/2012/12/web-designs-edge-inspect.html

  13. development machines & staging environments

  14. ensure it’s easy to  test development on your devices

  15. ensure it’s easy to  test all environments on 

    your devices
  16. None