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Delivering (and requesting) feedback workshop

Delivering (and requesting) feedback workshop

There will absolutely be times when you need to give actionable, specific feedback to your teammates. And there will definitely be times that you need to hear some feedback, too. But humans are mostly bad at giving feedback, and we’re also really bad at preparing ourselves to receive it. This is true no matter the situation - hearing that we do something at home that drives our partner crazy, or our coworker, or our boss.

In this workshop, we’ll practice turning real-world stuff into specific, actionable feedback that has a good chance of landing. Attendees will even get to practice delivering it, to see how it feels and how to prepare for saying those words - they’ll leave this workshop ready to deliver specific, actionable, and easy-to-digest feedback.

Lara Hogan

July 09, 2018

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  1. Delivering (and requesting) feedback Lara Hogan, Coach + Trainer wherewithall.com

  2. What was a recent ‘Hulk’ moment?

  3. Brain Chemistry

  4. None
  5. None
  6. Don’t worry, I got this!

  7. 6 Core Needs palomamedina.com/biceps/

  8. Belonging Community, connection 1

  9. Flickr: whisperwolf

  10. Improvement/ Progress Progress towards purpose, improving the lives of others

  11. Choice Flexibility, autonomy, decision-making 3

  12. Equality/Fairness Access to resources & info, equal reciprocity 4

  13. Predictability Resources, time, direction, future challenges 5

  14. Significance Status, visibility, recognition 6

  15. Belonging Improvement/Progress Choice Equality/Fairness Predictability Significance

  16. Knowing and addressing someone’s core needs is a shortcut to

    making them feel understood and valued. And understanding core needs is especially important right now.
  17. None
  18. Humans are bad at feedback

  19. We can get better at giving and receiving feedback.

  20. Good feedback is specific and actionable.

  21. Feedback equation

  22. observation of a behavior • Just the facts! • No

    assumptions of why they’re doing it • No opinions or judgments of this behavior
  23. observation of a behavior impact of behavior + • Choose

    an impact they care about • Make it measurable
  24. observation of a behavior impact of behavior question or request

    + +
  25. observation of a behavior impact of behavior question or request

    + +
  26. observation of a behavior impact of behavior open question +

  27. Bottom-line it.

  28. It can really help to practice giving feedback

  29. Ask about others’ preferred feedback medium and timing

  30. Remember to give positive feedback too!

  31. Prep your own brain to receive feedback.

  32. None
  33. Have a back-pocket script.

  34. Eject button + Next step

  35. Hot Potato: What’s one takeaway you have? 30 seconds (Then

    pick the next person!)
  36. Resistance → Data BONUS MATERIAL!

  37. Most common responses when a threat is detected BONUS MATERIAL!

  38. Common forms of resistance: Doubt Avoid Fight Bond Escape-route BONUS

  39. 1. Doubt 2. Avoid 3. Fight 4. Bond 5. Escape-route

  40. Knowing and addressing someone’s core needs is a shortcut to

    making them feel understood and valued. BONUS MATERIAL!
  41. How do we recover when we amygdala-hijack someone? BONUS MATERIAL!

  42. Have a back-pocket script: Eject button + next step BONUS

  43. “What I learned…” “What I’ll do…” BONUS MATERIAL!

  44. “I see now that when ______ happened, we messed with

    ______. What if next time, we instead try ___________?” BONUS MATERIAL!
  45. Caveat The goal is not 100% consensus 100% of the

  46. Requesting feedback as a manager or leader BONUS MATERIAL!

  47. “Is there anything I can be doing differently or better?”

  48. “I wanted to get your thoughts on my email last

    week. What did you read in it? What could I have said better?” BONUS MATERIAL!
  49. With your mouthwords: • Acknowledge the power dynamic (if you’re

    a manager/leader) • Acknowledge whenever you’ve messed something up BONUS MATERIAL!
  50. “Here are some avenues to give me feedback; choose whichever

    feels most comfortable” BONUS MATERIAL!