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Mentoring, Coaching, and Sponsoring Workshop

Mentoring, Coaching, and Sponsoring Workshop

As a manager, it’s important to balance your style between advice-giving mode (mentorship), active listening and curiosity mode (coaching), and empowering mode (sponsorship). In this workshop, we will define and practice each of these styles, and talk about how to know when to employ one over the other - especially when you’re managing people who work really differently than you do.

Lara Hogan

May 31, 2018

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  1. Mentoring, Coaching, and Sponsoring Workshop by Lara Hogan

  2. Management is a blend of mentoring, coaching, and sponsoring

  3. Mentoring

  4. None
  5. Mentorship: Giving advice, based on your experience

  6. Advice is just one thing a mentor gives. There are

    residual benefits from visible proximity and tangential relationships to be gained.” “ — Kristy Tillman Director of Product Design
  7. Being a responsible mentor

  8. None
  9. Honesty Flexibility Reciprocity Qualities of a successful mentor relationship: Hilary

    Sanfey, M.B.B.Ch., M.H.P.E., Celeste Hollands, M.D., Nancy L. Gantt, M.D. Active listening Mutual respect Personal connection Shared values
  10. Coaching

  11. The spirit of coaching is helping a person dump out

    their box of legos to help them find the two pieces they’ve been looking for together” “ —Paloma Medina, coach and trainer
  12. open questions reflection +

  13. The power of open questions

  14. The best open questions start with “what” • What’s important

    about this? • What’s hard about this? • What does success look like?
  15. Reflections

  16. • Can I reflect back what I’m hearing you say?

    • Here’s what I know to be true about you. • Let’s reflect on where you were this time last year.
  17. You don’t need prior experience, or even any idea about

    someone’s universe to coach them.
  18. Getting curious and actively listening

  19. Level 1: Internal Listening

  20. Level 2: Focused on the other person

  21. Level 3: Whole environment

  22. The #1 “recent trick” I hear during icebreakers is the

    power of silence during 1:1s
  23. Sponsoring

  24. None
  25. Illustration by Catt Small

  26. Mentors give perspective, sponsors give opportunity.” — Cate Huston, Engineering

    Director “
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  28. The dashboards are slow today. Is there someone who knows

    how to fix that? Oh, Max fixed our dashboards before. Maybe ask them? Sara’s also been doing a lot of perf work recently. Ask her too?
  29. A sponsor confers a statistical career benefit from 22%–30% (e.g.

    getting a stretch assignment, negotiating a pay raise) Center for Talent Innovation
  30. Being a sponsor

  31. Marginalized people are over-mentored, and under-sponsored

  32. With a sponsor, women are • 70% more likely to

    have their ideas endorsed • 119% more likely to see them developed • 200% more likely to see them implemented Center for Talent Innovation
  33. It’s risky for URMs to help others like them Study

    by David R. Hekman, Stefanie K. Johnson, Maw-Der Foo, and Wei Yang
  34. Examples of sponsorship as a manager or leader: • Give

    promotions and raises • Give visible/public recognition • Assign tasks and projects • Open the door for them to do blog posts, company talks, open source work
  35. Adapting to support different people

  36. Wearing those three hats

  37. What’s the purpose of a 1:1 with your direct reports?

  38. Manager Direct Report Disseminate information Hear rumors, news, strategy Context

    Develop a relationship Does my manager care about me? Trust Identify goals/ career trajectory I want to keep growing my skills Growth Unblock them Get status updates I might need help getting unblocked Problem Solving
  39. Context Trust Growth Problem Solving Wrap-up First 5-10% Last 5-10%

    Middle 80-90% How to spend each 1:1
  40. Context Wrap-up Middle: (Trust, Growth, Problem Solving) Sponsoring Mentoring Coaching

    Open: Close:
  41. Context Wrap-up Sponsoring Mentoring Coaching Middle: (Trust, Growth, Problem Solving)

    Open: Close:
  42. Manager crew (Manager Voltron!)

  43. Be on the lookout for people who: • will push

    you out of your comfort zone • have different levels of experience than you (both more experience, and less experience) • have experience in a different industry • are good at the things that you’re terrible at
  44. 1. Do great work 2. Find someone who knows your

    work 3. Know how you want to grow 4. Keep them updated
  45. 1. Do great work 2. Find someone who knows your

    work 3. Know how you want to grow 4. Keep them updated
  46. 1. Do great work 2. Find someone who knows your

    work 3. Know how you want to grow 4. Keep them updated
  47. 1. Do great work 2. Find someone who knows your

    work 3. Know how you want to grow 4. Keep them updated
  48. 5. Give back!

  49. Lean on your Manager Voltron for goal-setting, goal-measuring, and feedback.

  50. Debrief and Open Q&A: Mentoring, coaching, and sponsoring