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How to Build a Device Lab: Device Setup

How to Build a Device Lab: Device Setup

Lara Hogan

June 20, 2014

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  1. Device Setup

  2. configuration

  3. factory (re)format

  4. disable  auto-updates

  5. create an  app store account

  6. install apps

  7. restrict devices from syncing to computers

  8. set browser default homepage

  9. make use of wallpaper

  10. set up a passcode

  11. have a way to identify devices

  12. have a backup image

  13. enroll devices in a  mobile device management console (MDM)

  14. choosing your MDM

  15. scalability

  16. app management

  17. admin console

  18. security

  19. http://www.enterpriseios.com/wiki/Comparison_MDM_Providers MDM providers