How to Engage 13.000 Colleagues in Online Ideation @Evonik

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September 16, 2019

How to Engage 13.000 Colleagues in Online Ideation @Evonik

Over seven years ago Evonik started their own journey with IBM Connections. New use cases impacting the business keep emerging every day. The emphasis on innovation through organising ideation jams, on influencing use behaviours through an open knowledge sharing culture across teams & online communities has made Evonik`s employees familiar with a people centric collaboration approach where knowledge shared *is* power.

And this year it’s no different with the Evonik Spirit Initiative held in April with the goal to engage Evonik`s employees in shaping the company’s new core values.

Join us in this session where you will learn with Rainer Gimbel (Evonik) and Luis Suarez (panagenda) about the impact of professional community management to the overall success of ESNs and the possibilities to measure and evaluate their health and maturity. You will also learn about the overall business value, inspiring use cases and lessons learned so far from such transformation process.



September 16, 2019