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ESP32 CLOVA - Running a smart speaker by 2 USD

ESP32 CLOVA - Running a smart speaker by 2 USD


LINE DevDay 2020

November 25, 2020


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  2. CLOVA Devices History 2020.1 Tentcent TaiQ 2019.3 CLOVA Desk 2018.6

    CLOVA Friends mini 2017.12 CLOVA Friends 2017.10 CLOVA WAVE Xperia Ear Duo(XEA20) (Sony Mobile Communications Inc) 2019.10 Gatebox (Gatebox Inc) Smart mirror (NICHIEI INTEC CO., LTD.) 2020.2     (Benesse Corporation) 2018.4
  3. CIC : CLOVA Interface Connect CIC Auth Speech Recognizer Skils

    Speech Synthesizer
  4. CLOVA Device Architecture Noise Reduction Echo canceller CODEC Voice Trigger

    SoC : System on Chip WIFI / BT CLOVA App on the Android or Linux OS
  5. Requires high performance and expensive SoC Limits the usage of

    CLOVA device SoC : System on Chip
  6. ESP32 IoT SoC › Only 2USD › Dual core ›

    Up to 240MHz clock speed › On module RAM and Flash › RTOS
  7. Video

  8. What is for Toy Information Devices Wearable

  9. History of the Development ESP32 CLOVA CLOVA Native SDK base

    CLOVA Native SDK is an SDK for implementing CLOVA devices from LINE for 1st and 3rd party developers. This is developed by C language and mainly targeting Linux. Arduino base prototype Arduino is a development environment for rapid prototyping. I used this environment to prototype a CLOVA device with ESP32.
  10. CLOVA Native SDK base ESP32 ESP-ADF CLOVA Native SDK

  11. What is Hard for Implement to ESP32 › Resource shareing

    with Core 0/1 › Audio I/F › RAM size CORE 0 CORE 1 RAM 520KB PSRAM 8MB WIFI BLE In circuit I/F FLASH 4MB ESP32 Chip ESP32 SoM SoM : System on Module
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