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Tackle the infodemic of misinformation from LINE

Tackle the infodemic of misinformation from LINE

- Event: GDSC 交大&清大企業參訪
- Speaker: Jimmy Huang

LINE Developers Taiwan

March 20, 2023

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  1. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Agenda Self Introduction

    FACT CHECKER Coding & Coding…? How did I prepare for TECHFRESH interview A LINER life To be a LINER? Q&A
  2. Jimmy Huang TECHFRESH • Photographer • Web Backend Engineer •

    Central Team @LINE • Bachelor NCUIM & NCUCSIE Early Graduate (2023.01) • Master NTUIM Early admission (2023.02) • System Developer @NCUCC SD • Cyber security inspector @NYCU HCRC
  3. Developing Process Dev-cluster prod-cluster ArgoCD K8s Update latest image version

    to repo Development-manifest Repository Maintain K8s configura;on Applica4on Repository Build Pipeline Developer Reviewer Push test results and Code coverage to Sonarqube Pull images to deploy Push images to Harbor Webhook sync Create PR Trigger step:test Trigger step: Build and push images Deploy Monitoring 1 9 8 4 2 5 6 7 3 DevOps Code review and Check test result
  4. Maintain Legacy Code Coding & Coding …? Archaeologists Coding Writing

    Test Cases Internal Training Design & connect different services New code, new test cases ※Source from︓ giphy.com/search/typing Lots of workshop
  5. To be a LINER? How to be a so4ware engineer?

    1. Learn a programming language 2. Develop your programming skills 3. Learn the basics of so4ware engineering 4. Create so4ware projects 5. Look for internships or pracGcal work experience 6. ConGnue learning How to be a member of LINE Taiwan employee? 1. Visit the LINE Taiwan career page 2. Apply for a job 3. AOend an interview 4. Complete the hiring process 5. Join LINE Taiwan LINE Career
  6. General Q&A 1. Which ability do you need to be

    a LINE TECHFRESH? 3. 實習生的相關經驗若僅有修習過相關課程,對於招募需求只能說是接觸過不到熟悉, 這樣會符合召募條件嗎? 2. Do you really need some of related experiences on those wriOen on career pages?