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9 Lives of Java 9 abridged

9 Lives of Java 9 abridged

Not a focused presentation, but rather an overview of all features with highlights on shell, modules, and G1GC. An abridged version of 9 Lives of Java 9, allowing for some time for a practical demo or trivia game.

First presented at @JDD_Krakow on 3rd October 2017.

Tomasz Borek

October 03, 2017

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  1. 9 Lives of Java 9
    @LAFK_pl Consultant @

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  2. About me
    Consultant @
    Tomasz Borek

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  3. Currently


    Newbies or juniors

    4-5 months

    To programmers

    Or as close as I can

    µservices etc.

    With JS, QA, etc.

    4th edition starts this

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  4. 1st Life
    @LAFK_pl Consultant @

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  5. Oak – The Green Platform

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  6. The Green Team

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  7. Green project

    C++ extension →

    Oak →

    Green Platform (OS)→


    Home entertainment

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  8. Green project

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  9. Star 7 home entertainment system

    Star 7 (summer 1992)

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  10. The Duke Mascott

    Star 7 (summer 1992)

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  11. Ends because...

    Too much control in hands of the users
    – Cable TV industry wants dumber remotes

    PDAs didn’t quite took off

    Instead, World Wide Web did
    – Hence, WebRunner → HotJava, browser
    – Appropriate interactivity
    – 1994 – retargeting to WWW
    – 1995 – HotJava
    – 1996...

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  12. 2nd Life
    @LAFK_pl Consultant @
    January 23, 1996

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  13. Java – JDK 1.02

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  14. WORA

    JIT (Just In Time) compiler for Windows

    Network byte order

    So, all that to run C code?

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  15. JDK 1.02, first Java

    AWT event model

    Inner classes




    (introspection only,



    MCM (green threads)

    February 19, 1997

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  16. 3rd Life
    December 8, 1998 Consultant @

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  17. Playground

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  18. Playground

    Tripled in size

    Introduced JCF

    strictfp keyword

    Swing graphical API

    Sun’s JVM had a JIT
    compiler now

    Java plug-in

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  20. Enterprise

    Lovely Sun marketing
    – SE, ME, EE

    Enterprise rulz
    – J2EE :-)


    Desktop? Forget it!

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  21. 4th Life? Nah, just growth
    May 8, 2000 Consultant @

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  22. Spreading the wings

    Kestrel (1.3, right) – improvements everywhere
    (PermGen, HotSpot JVM). JNDI and JPDA though!

    Merlin had APIs and libs: NIO, JAXP, Logging, JDBC
    3, Preferences, Ipv6, RegEx, Images. Plus Java Web
    Start, assert and chaining exceptions.

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  23. First community edition

    As JSR-59

    Java Community

    February 6th, 2002

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  24. 4th Life
    September 30, 2004 Consultant @

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  25. Tiger

    Majority of interview
    – Next big thing is JDK8

    Enum, annotations,
    generics, foreach,
    varargs, auto-/un-
    boxing, concurrency,

    Improved JMCM!

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  26. Un-Life
    Till, 2012 or so Consultant @

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  27. Mustang and Dolphin


    64bit pointers


    8 and 9


    JVM perf

    GUI (Swing)

    javac, JDBC 4, JAXB 2

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  28. Ends because...

    Too much chaos in marketing

    Too much problems with enterprise

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  29. RIP
    October 08, 2013:
    if Java is dying, it sure looks awfully healthy

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  30. Game changers

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  31. Current Life (5th)
    March 18, 2014 Consultant @
    JDK 8 March 18, 2014
    JDK 9 September 21, 2017

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  32. So, JDK 9 JEPS?
    91 all together
    GA on 21st September 2017

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  33. Project Kulla = JShell

    222: jshell – the Java shell (REPL)

    Kulla – builder god, banished when done


    /command → /exit /help intro /help shortcuts



    /open some-java-file.java

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  34. Project Kulla = JShell

    222: jshell – the Java shell (REPL)

    Features Tab-completion, quite nice at that!

    Jline uses C readline lib

    Look for ~/.inputrc or /etc/input.rc

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  35. Project Kulla = JShell

    Build web-app with REPL with Kuba Marchwicki

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  36. Project Jigsaw

    JAR hell, classpath loading problems

    JARs are not components, they are files

    JDK and most Java apps are monoliths

    JDK weighs a lot

    Your Java app weighs a lot

    µservices aren’t monolithic (shouldn’t be!)

    Game changers!

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  37. Project Jigsaw

    Rabea Gransberger – refactor to modules

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  38. Project Jigsaw - JEPs

    162: Prepare for Modularisation

    200: The Modular JDK

    201: Modular Source Code (Jigsaw itself)

    220: Modular Run-Time images
    – Standard class libraries modularised (rt.jar)
    – Files more efficient than JAR

    260: Most internal APIs now encapsulated
    – Unsafe, VarHandles, MethodHandles

    275: java packager

    282: jlink, Java linker
    7 in

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  39. Modules in a nutshell

    Base always present

    Requires – modules you need

    Exports – what you publish (here public matters)

    Use – required services – via ServiceLoader



    module-info.java, module path

    jlink, jdepend


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  40. Default GC is G1

    JEP 248

    CMS deprecated
    – ParNew as well

    Regions, categorized

    Huge objects

    – 250: Strings in CDSes
    – 214: remove deprecated

    Not for small heaps

    String Deduplication
    – JEP 192, 8u20

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  41. Unicode, Javadoc, Nashorn

    221: Simplified Doclet API

    224: HTML5 Javadoc

    225: Javadoc Search

    226: UTF-8 Property Files

    267: Unicode 8.0 (7,3k+)

    227: Unicode 7.0 (2,8k+)

    236: Parser API for Nashorn

    252: Use CLDR Locale Data by Default

    292: Implement Selected ECMAScript 6 Features in Nashorn
    9 in

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  42. JEP 266: More concurrent updates

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  43. Things will be removed!

    277: Enhanced Deprecation

    289: Deprecate the Applet API
    – forRemoval set to false

    214: Remove GC Combinations Deprecated in JDK 8

    231: Remove Launch-Time JRE Version Selection

    240: Remove the JVM TI hprof Agent

    241: Remove the jhat Tool

    298: Remove Demos and Samples
    5 in total

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  44. Security

    219: Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS)

    229: Create PKCS12 Keystores by Default

    244: TLS Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation Extension

    249: OCSP Stapling for TLS

    273: DRBG-Based SecureRandom Implementations

    287: SHA-3 Hash Algorithms

    288: Disable SHA-1 Certificates

    290: Filter Incoming Serialization Data
    8 in total
    Another 8 in perf

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  45. Libraries changes

    255: Merge Selected Xerces 2.11.0 Updates
    into JAXP

    259: Stack-Walking API

    260: Encapsulate Most Internal APIs

    266: More Concurrent Updates

    269: Convenience Factory Methods for
    5 selected

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  46. JVM changes

    193: Variable Handles

    245: Validate JVM Command-Line
    Flag Arguments

    228: Add More Diagnostic

    238: Multi-Release JAR Files

    247: Compile for Older Platform

    223: New Version-String Scheme

    217: Annotations Pipeline 2.0

    280: Indify String Concatenation

    272: Platform-Specific Desktop
    in total

    233: Generate Run-Time Compiler
    Tests Automatically

    235: Test Class-File Attributes
    Generated by javac

    211: Elide Deprecation Warnings on
    Import Statements

    212: Resolve Lint and Doclint

    216: Process Import Statements

    279: Improve Test-Failure

    281: HotSpot C++ Unit-Test

    284: New HotSpot Build System

    248: Make G1 the Default Garbage

    278: Additional Tests for
    Humongous Objects in G1

    243: Java-Level JVM Compiler

    270: Reserved Stack Areas for
    Critical Sections

    274: Enhanced Method Handles

    237: Linux/AArch64 Port

    158: Unified JVM Logging

    271: Unified GC Logging

    165: Compiler Control

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  47. So...?

    Jigsaw and modularity
    – Image, modules, JAR replace, linking, deps finding

    – tooling, ground work (CLI, GC, String indify),

    – JShell, Stack Walking, Process, Flow

    Performance, Security


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  48. Future (JDK18.03?) changes?

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  49. Java 18.03

    Every quarter (first month): bug fixes and

    Every March – feature release

    Every September – LTS feature release
    – LTS – 3 years


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  50. In short

    Java went like a river, changing directions
    – Smart appliances → net → EE → SE → FP
    – Devs see language changes, but there’s more

    IoT, Big Data, Cloud (hence: FP, modularity)

    Jigsaw is the theme, but foundations improved!
    – JDK, perf, Strings, compiler, GC, tooling
    – Stack, Process, Jshell, Xerces, Flow

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  51. Java EE
    – Not J2EE, not anymore

    Waited for JDK9 and Jigsaw

    Folks moved ahead though
    – EE Guardians (https://javaee-guardians.io/)
    – MicroProfile (http://microprofile.io/)
    – Spring and container/server vendors

    Good summary
    – https://www.infoq.com/news/2017/04/long-road-for-java-ee-8

    Donated to Eclipse Foundation!

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  52. 9 Lives of Java 9
    Now it will move faster!
    4 remain!
    Consultant @

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