Bye Bye, Page Design

0846f0ce86d58fdf279355cdbb9b7f21?s=47 Liv Madsen
October 31, 2013

Bye Bye, Page Design

Case: Hi-Fi Klubben.
An introduction to the content and development strategy behind Hi-Fi Klubben's new responsive commerce site, mainly focused on how we have worked with content at the core of our design and development process.
Presented at EPiServer Update 2013 by my colleague Mette Schou and me.
The presentation was not recorded, so we've included a rough transcript, since the slides might be a little hard to follow on their own (talk was given in Danish, so our apologies for any leftovers of DK grammar and the likes).
I uploaded a version without the transcript at


Liv Madsen

October 31, 2013