Meet Me in the Browser

Meet Me in the Browser

If your web development starts with a Photoshop comp, you are doing it wrong.
It's time to ditch your old process and embrace a content-first approach; Start deciding in the browser by building from mockups, where form follows function and real content leads the way.

To help you along, we'll be looking into a workflow for a flexible, maintainable frontend code base, using CSS preprocessing to make your life a hell of a lot easier, and other great tools for building, maintaining and evolving the frontend with living mock ups and style libraries. Benefits will include testable, refactoring friendly styling and markup, responsive webdesign with minimal effort AND improved team collaboration.

And to top it all off, your mockups will be a breeze to transform to a live Umbraco website; Try doing that with a PSD.

I gave this talk at the awesome CodeGarden conference in June. They recorded it - video is available here:


Liv Madsen

June 12, 2013