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Preparing to Speak

Preparing to Speak


Lorna Mitchell

March 22, 2013

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  1. Preparing to Speak Lorna Mitchell, Day Camp for Developers 5

  2. Congratulations!

  3. What now?

  4. 3 Months To Go

  5. Abstract Revisit your abstract, this is the spec

  6. Two Challenges

  7. Logistics This is about delivering the talk • add the

    talk date to your calendar • find a rehearsal slot and commit to it • block out around four days of preparation time between now and then
  8. Content What could be useful in this talk? • capture

    your scattered thoughts • try mindmapping • tangents encouraged
  9. Content Becomes Narrative • humans are wired for storytelling •

    three main points • make a linear journey through content
  10. Planning to Deliver • iron out the "pain points" that

    need more work/time • do a first rehearsal, ideally with audio recording
  11. 3 Weeks To Go

  12. Slides Are slides appropriate or needed?

  13. Slides Are slides appropriate or needed? Pick a tool •

    Traditional (keynote, impress, powerpoint) • Web-based (s5, landslide) • PDF (markdown, ReStructured Text, LaTeX)
  14. Talk Themes Will you use a particular theme or device

    for your talk? • very effective when done well • use images • creative commons images • take your own photos • stock photo sites (fotolia, istockphoto) • never upstage your own content
  15. You May Now Create Slides

  16. Rehearse Realistically

  17. Slides Quality Checklist • Spellcheck • Consistent upper/lower case and

    punctuation • Contact details • Link to feedback tool
  18. Other Deliverables Would any of these be appropriate? • Notes

    or cue cards - to avoid trying to stand and read off laptop • Handouts - more for training or a formal setting, could be digital • Online code repository or web-based demo - let users get closer to the tech • Links bundle - put all the resources in one place
  19. "The Question I'm Usually Asked Is ..."

  20. Backups

  21. Real-Life Rehearsal

  22. 3 Days To Go

  23. Keep Faith

  24. Planning for Success

  25. What To Wear • A pale person in dark clothing

    becomes a "floating head" • Avoid being projected on • Remove lanyard, avoid large necklaces • Beware the lapel mic • mic clips onto top, shirts are best • battery pack on waistband or pocket • Empty your pockets
  26. Speaker's Kit List You will need: • Laptop and charger

    • Presenter remote • Notes or other props • Slide backup • Water with sports top • Business cards
  27. Good Luck!

  28. Any Questions? Feedback: https://joind.in/8406 Contact Lorna: • @lornajane • http://lornajane.net

  29. Recommended Reading • Slide:ology (Duarte) • Presentation Zen (Reynolds) •

    Confessions of a Public Speaker (Berkun) • Presentation Patterns (Ford, McCollough, Schutta)