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BalcCon_2013: Mac OS X - How Apple learned to stop worrying and fell in love with UNIX

by Mladen Đurić

Published September 6, 2013 in Education

This talk was given to audience on BalcCon 2013 held on 2013/09/06 in Master Center on Novi Sad Fair. It was intended to shed some very important light on how and why Apple (had) to choose to base its OS on some UNIX core, some light OS history background and what makes OS X (and iOS) so special.


There are many misconceptions about Apple in general and about Mac OS X.

At the time of writing there are (probably) over 700 million devices running Mac OS X or iOS. While Windows holds nearly 92% of a desktop/laptop share, OS X is at 7% and Linux holds 1% which makes OS X the most popular UNIX descendent.

It is important so see how Apple strive to evolve their own operating system and how it failed, resorting to better solution by embracing modern OS architecture that leaves much room for growth in future. By having UNIX foundation to build upon and their GUI paradigm on top, Apple got the best it could and is still unparalleled (in my opinion).

This is why Microsoft is still struggling with its much troubled Windows (ill base cannot evolve beyond DOS - still) and why Linux cannot take over better (spread effort, lack of expertise in GUI but strong foundation).