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Creating real cross-platform applications with Angular, Cordova & Electron

by Manuel Rauber

Published May 10, 2017 in Programming

Based on Angular, we’re able to write beautiful and performant web applications. TypeScript, Components, Services, Dependency Injection - everything fits well together. But how can we use that knowledge to create real cross-platform applications, which run on any form factor, on any device and on any operating system? Which architecture do we need? Where can we plug in platform-based code, but still use more than 95 % shared code? Questions, which we’ll answer in this workshop. We’re going to create a real cross-platform application with Angular, bring it to mobile with Cordova and back to real desktop applications with Electron. Let’s get our hands dirty!

GitHub: https://github.com/thinktecture/hamburg-angularjs-meetup-cross-platform