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シンプルな TUI VoIP の VoRS

シンプルな TUI VoIP の VoRS

source: https://codeberg.org/matoken/lilo-tokaido.2024.04/src/branch/main/slide/slide.adoc
発表:: LILO&東海道らぐオフラインミーティング 2024-04-27 https://lilo.connpass.com/event/316818/

Kenichiro MATOHARA

April 27, 2024

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  1. VoRS 軽量でシンプルな VoIP ソリューション 音声は Opus インターフェイスは TUI Go製, GNU

    Affero GPLv3 license. VoRS – Vo(IP) Really Simple. Very simple and usable multi-user VoIP solution. Some kind of alternative to Mumble. http://www.vors.stargrave.org/ 3
  2. 4

  3. source download 1 source & 署名ファイル download 2 署名確認のために SSH

    公開鍵入手 3 署名確認,指紋は でも確認できる 4 展開 $ sodo apt install golang sox $ wget -c http://www.vors.stargrave.org/download/vors-2.3.0.tar.zst \ http://www.vors.stargrave.org/download/vors-2.3.0.tar.zst.sig $ wget http://www.vors.stargrave.org/PUBKEY-SSH.pub $ ssh-keygen -Y verify -f PUBKEY-SSH.pub -I [email protected] -n file \ -s vors-2.3.0.tar.zst.sig < vors-2.3.0.tar.zst Good "file" signature for [email protected] with ED25519 key SHA256:qmlbyzvDRNXGJNxteapAWOmJR $ tar xf vors-2.3.0.tar.zst && cd vors-2.3.0 1 2 3 4 web 6
  4. build error $ ./build : flag provided but not defined:

    -C usage: go build [-o output] [build flags] [packages] Run 'go help build' for details. VoRS is written on Go (at least 1.21 version is required) http://www.vors.stargrave.org/Install.html $ go version go version go1.19.8 linux/amd64 7
  5. Go Lang 1.22 を debian bookworm backports から 導入 を利用して

    Go 1.21+ を入手 https://backports.debian.org/ $ apt-cache search golang-1.*-go golang-1.19-go - Go programming language compiler, linker, compiled stdlib golang-1.20-go - Go programming language compiler, linker, compiled stdlib golang-1.21-go - Go programming language compiler, linker, compiled stdlib golang-1.22-go - Go programming language compiler, linker, compiled stdlib $ sudo apt install golang-1.22 8
  6. update-alternatives を使い Go 1.22 に path を 通す $ sudo

    update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/go go /usr/lib/go-1.22/bin/go 100 \ --slave /usr/bin/gofmt gofmt /usr/lib/go-1.22/bin/gofmt $ sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/go go /usr/lib/go-1.19/bin/go 50 \ --slave /usr/bin/gofmt gofmt /usr/lib/go-1.19/bin/gofmt $ update-alternatives --display go go - auto mode link best version is /usr/lib/go-1.22/bin/go link currently points to /usr/lib/go-1.22/bin/go link go is /usr/bin/go slave gofmt is /usr/bin/gofmt /usr/lib/go-1.19/bin/go - priority 50 slave gofmt: /usr/lib/go-1.19/bin/gofmt /usr/lib/go-1.22/bin/go - priority 100 slave gofmt: /usr/lib/go-1.22/bin/gofmt $ go version go version go1.22.1 linux/amd64 9
  7. VoRS の為の鍵作成 1 鍵の作成( ここでは ./key ) 2 公開鍵の表示,ネットワークアドレスとこの公開鍵を共有( server

    起動時にも表示される ) $ vors-keygen | tee key | vors-keygen -pub | read pub $ vors-keygen -pub < key cXachMhP2HMqEA3h6E5kYCGqkVpsFzyLnYszY7RzXmc 1 2 11
  8. 起動 server 起動 client 起動 $ vors-server -key key -bind $ vors-client -srv "" \ -pub cXachMhP2HMqEA3h6E5kYCGqkVpsFzyLnYszY7RzXmc -name matoken 12
  9. Raspberry Pi OS bookworm armhf でも動かし たい cross build 失敗(

    opus(c) も build しているのでそちらのクロス 環境も必要そう ) $ GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm ./build package go.stargrave.org/vors/cmd/client imports go.stargrave.org/opus/v2: build constraints exclude all Go files in /media/mat 13
  10. $ cat build #!/bin/sh -e opus=opus-1.5.2 if ! [ -d

    local/lib ] ; then rm -fr local $opus tar xf $opus.tar cd $opus ./configure --prefix=$(realpath ..)/local \ --enable-deep-plc \ --enable-osce \ --disable-doc \ --disable-extra-programs make -j4 make install cd .. rm -r $opus fi export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$(realpath local)/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH" mkdir -p bin [ -d vendor ] && vendor="-mod=vendor" strip=-ldflags=-s tags="nolibopusfile" go build -C cmd/vad $strip $vendor -o ../../bin/vors-vad go build -C cmd/keygen $strip $vendor -o ../../bin/vors-keygen go build -C cmd/server $strip $vendor -o ../../bin/vors-server go build -C cmd/client -tags $tags $strip $vendor -o ../../bin/vors-client 14
  11. Pi にも Go 1.22 を導入して実機で build client 起動 $ bin/vors-client

    -srv "" \ -pub cXachMhP2HMqEA3h6E5kYCGqkVpsFzyLnYszY7RzXmc -name pi ┌─Logs3name=pi6room=/────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── │07:11:38.338441 main.go:305: connected sid: 1 addr: │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ │ ┌─matoken────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── │ └────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ┌─pi─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── │ └────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── 15
  12. 即転ける>< 未解決…… goroutine 21 [running]: runtime/internal/atomic.panicUnaligned() /usr/lib/go-1.22/src/runtime/internal/atomic/unaligned.go:8 +0x24 runtime/internal/atomic.Xadd64(0x151a21c, 0x415d9554)

    /usr/lib/go-1.22/src/runtime/internal/atomic/atomic_arm.s:265 +0x14 main.(*Stats).AddRMS(0x151a1e0, {0x16a2000, 0x3c0, 0x3c0}) /home/matoken/src/vors-2.3.0/cmd/client/stats.go:47 +0x70 main.main.func7.1() /home/matoken/src/vors-2.3.0/cmd/client/main.go:470 +0x82c created by main.main.func7 in goroutine 11 /home/matoken/src/vors-2.3.0/cmd/client/main.go:360 +0x4ec It should work on all POSIX-compatible systems. http://www.vors.stargrave.org/index.html 16
  13. 息が長いだけあってクライアントやツールが沢山 SBC をheadlessトランシーバーなどに利用するプロジェクト Web ベースの聞き専クライアント Mumble と Discord の間の音声ブリッジ ESP32

    で Mumble(等)を使ったウォーキートーキー 3rd Party Applications - Mumble Wiki talkkonnect – A Headless Mumble Client Based on Raspberry Pi porjo/mumblet: Web-based Mumble client Stieneee/mumble-discord-bridge: A simple voice bridge between Mumble and Discord. jeffskinnerbox/esp32-walkie-talkie: A Walkie-Talkie based around the ESP32 using UDP Broadcast or ESP- NOW or Mumble 20